How to Protect Hair from Pollution

Pollution, dirt, dust grime are very harmful as they inhibit the wellbeing of our hair as well as skin. The impurities and sweat form a layer on the scalp which obstructs the oils and masks from reaching the follicles, let alone any nourishment to the roots. As a result we face hair thinning, bald spots, dandruff, lice like issues to fight. While the level of pollution keeps increasing we can create our own shield against it. Here are some tips to restrain the pollution and impurities from attacking our hair. Take a look at How to Protect Hair from Pollution.

How to Protect Hair from Pollution

Adorn a hat or scarf to Protect Hair from Pollution

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Whether it’s the dust and pollution or the hash rays of the sun nothing else than damage your strands as much as these can. So make sure to protect your tresses from their biggest enemy. Wear a nice hat which covers your hair properly and prevents it from directly coming under the preview of dust and grime.

  • Hats many times do not compliment Indian Attires so in such cases suppose if you are wearing a sari then cover your head with the pallu while going out. However if you are wearing a salwar suit then use your dupatta to do the same.
  • While for western attires you can use a scarf as it looks classy and helps to protect your hair from polluting particles.

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Keep your scalp clean to Protect Hair from Pollution

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Unless needed tie up your hair in a nice pony or a top bun. Buns are no more something which only aunties could style their hair into. In fact keeping your manes loose while going out can give dull, lifeless and full of tangles and locks. Carry a new look everyday from the top bun to the donut bun to the French bun to side bun and many others.

  • Similarly with pony team it up with twist, puff or bangs and look different everyday while saving your hair from any damage.
  • As per braids are concerned try out volumized braids to fishtail braids and what not to break the myth the braid’s make you look like a ‘behenji’.

Do not skip the conditioner to Protect Hair from Pollution

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Hydrate your hair after every wash to seal the strands with enough moisture. Shampoos cleanse scalp of dirt and impurities but leave the pores on the hair open. Unless a conditioner or masque is used these gaps are filled in with dirt and grime which make hair brittle and lifeless.

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Do not go out with wet or oily hair to Protect Hair from Pollution

Stepping out with wet hair not also invites health issues like cough and cold but also makes hair brittle and prone to breakage. Similarly if you step out with oil in your hair it attracts the hell lot of dust particles and polluting agents which tend to stick to your strands. This blocks any improvement in the health of the follicles.

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Give Nourishment to the hair to Protect Hair from Pollution

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Your scalp needs to breathe so it needs to be cleaned with a mild cleanser every alternate day. But getting rid of the grime and sweat is not enough you scalp needs replenishment of the lost nutrients.

  • Give your scalp a hot oil massage followed with turban therapy atleast once a week. Choose any carrier oil like almond or olive and mix a few drops of essential oils like lavender or tea tree etc. The anti septic formula of these oils will inhibit the growth any fungal infections, Lice, Dandruff and keep your hair damage free in the long run.

That’s all girls 🙂 how do you keep your hair safe from pollution do let us know in the comments section 🙂 Stay blessed!

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