How to Prevent Tangling of Hair

Hair fall and breakage are common problems among women and more or less a lot of it occurs while detangling and brushing hair. Although losing some hair everyday is normal but losing chunks of it might lead to bald patches. There are several other causes of hair loss but here we will discuss the most common reason i.e tangles in your hair. The smoother your hair the easier it is to free the tangles and style it further so lets find out how. Scroll down below to know How to Prevent Tangling of Hair.

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Oiling Treatment

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair, oil massaginging

Many a times we skip oiling of hair citing many excuses from the flat look it imparts to the hair to busy schedule and what not. However oiling smoothens and conditions the strands naturally which means less of tangles to fight. Get a warm oil champi at least once a week. Massage your scalp and the length of the hair generously with any natural oil as per your choice to compensate for the drying effect of the shampoo.

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Use Correct Shampoo

A wrong shampoo refers to a kind of hair cleanser which is not suitable for your hair type. If your hair is greasy then pick a scalp balancing shampoo or a shampoo meant for oily scalp. While dry hair beauties should get a hydrating shampoo which would clean the scalp without over drying. Using a strong detergent based shampoo would strip off the scalp of its natural oils and cause flakiness or itchiness of the dry scalp. On oily scalp it would induce more oil production to compensate for the loss of moisture. Drying shampoo would make hair dull and brittle which is prone to tangling and breakage.

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How to Prevent Tangling of Hair, shampoo and conditioner

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Do not skip the conditioner

A conditioner is of utmost importance to get smooth and tangle free strands. You must have noticed that without conditioner even newly shampooed hair gets tangled easily. This is because shampoo leaves the pores on the hair open as it strips off the moisture of the tresses which a conditioner helps to replenish.

  • Pick conditioner as per hair type and apply it generously on the length of the hair. Avoid the scalp and apply a deeply hydrating conditioner if you have super dry tresses. In order to distribute the product evenly use a wide toothed comb meant to be used under the shower.
  • You can also use your fingers to gently detangle the wet hair and apply conditioner to it. Make sure to squeeze out the excess water from the hair before applying the conditioner.

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How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Get Hair Mask Treatment

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair, hair mask

Hair Masks make a big difference to the texture of the hair as previously even I had super tangled up hair. Tangled hair always made me feel embarrassed whenever anyone touched my hair from friends to hair stylists. One of them suggested me to pick hair mask as per my need. I wanted something to add smoothness and shine to my lifeless hair so I picked a deep moisture treatment.

  • Apply a hair mask once or twice a week post shampoo and see the difference it makes to the number of tangles you get after head bath.

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How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – No Hot Water Shower

Hot water strips hair of moisture and makes it lifeless and dull. However at times hot water bath cannot be avoided like in winters. Instead of using extremely hot water mix cold water to it and use lukewarm water only.

  • As hot water opens up the pores of the hair make sure to follow up with cold water rinse to hydrate the strands naturally and avoid detangling.

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Say No to Hot Hair Styling Tools

Its true that nobody likes to carry the flat and boring hair look everyday or just move around in a bun or braid. Most of us like to experiment with hair do’s to experiment with new looks. For this we need to use heat tools like straightners or tongs and blow dry using a dryer to get a volumized look.

  • Say yes to air drying and avoid using hair dryers. The hot hair of the dryer dehydrates the strands and ultimately gives brittle and lifeless strands.
  • Before using any hot hair tool spray a nice heat therapy mask to protect your hair from roughness post styling.

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Never Rub Wet hair with Towel

Wet hair is very delicate and this is when you loose maximum strands if you pull or dry to detangle it roughly. Besides pulling out hair, rubbing the towel vigorously also creates locks and tangles hair which adds fuel to fire. Instead squeeze out the excess water and wrap a towel around your hair.

  • Detangle your tresses gently when hair is semi wet and the scalp is dry. Start from the ends and move upwards to remove the tangles.

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Get a serum

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair, serum

In order to eliminate the pain of detangling use a light weight serum. The best effect of serum can be achieved on semi wet hair. Use a normal spray bottle and spray some water on the strands and apply serum on them. Rub the serum in between your palms before applying to make your strands smoother and easy for the combs to pass through.

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How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Use wide teeth comb

How to Prevent Tangling of Hair, wide teeth comb

As per your hair type pick a wide teethed or wooden comb. You can also use a tangle teezer if you have acute tangling problem. Hold the hair from the mid length while detangling and be gentle.

  • Avoid rough combs and brushes which scratch the scalp.
  • While detangling the length apply some serum on your hair brush or comb and use to get rid of tangles and knots easily.
  • Comb everyday- yes because without detangling you actually let the tangles multiply so makes sure to comb through every single day.

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How to Prevent Tangling of Hair – Tie up your hair

While sleeping tie your hair in a loose bun or braid to avoid tangles. A tight braid might lead to hair loss so be careful.

  • If possible use as satin pillow cover or a satin cloth under your head while sleeping to prevent waking up with messed up hair the next morning .
  • At home or at outside wherever possible keep your hair tied for sometime at least. This will protect your hair from getting tangled up as well as from unnecessary dirt and grime.

That’s all girls! What are your tricks of avoiding tangles and knots? Do let us know in the comment section 🙂

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