How to Prevent Dry Skin After Shower

There’s nothing like standing in a hot shower on a cold winter day. Our body and soul get warmed up and we feel ready to rock the day. No doubt, hot showers feel good, especially on a winter day or when you feel tired, but it might be hurting our skin. People with dry skin often gets a stretchy feel after shower. What causes dry skin? When the outer layer of our skin lose the ability to hold on moisture level, we experience dry skin issue. Now why would the skin lose its moisture holding ability? Ageing is a reason. But the main culprits are sun damage and certain skin care products that contain skin irritating or drying ingredients. Dry skin can lead to eczema, and if not treated earlier dry skin can cause untimely wrinkles and fine lines. In this post, we will discuss How to Prevent Dry Skin After Shower. With these simple steps, you can easily keep your skin dryness at bay.

How to Prevent Dry Skin After Shower

No Hot Shower

Hot water is damaging for our skin. It strips skin off its natural oil barrier. And this barrier is very important as it helps to lock moisture in the skin and keep skin soft and smooth. So dial down the temperature of your water. Another important thing that I would like to share here is, that skin experts believe that spending long time in shower also dries out our skin. So, they recommend short showers that doesn’t go beyond 10-12 minutes. In cold winter days, when cold shower seems like a torture, go for quick and short warm shower. Remember, warm yes, hot no!

Mix Oil in the Bathing Water

How to Prevent Dry Skin After Shower - mix oil in the bathing water

This is a very simple remedy to prevent dry skin after shower. Just pour a few drops of olive or almond oil into the bathing water to keep your skin moisturized for long. You can also use some essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus along with olive/almond oil. This will give a soothing feel.

Don’t Use Aromatic Skin Cleansers

Opt for soapless cleansers. And yes, say no to aromatic soaps as well, because the more aroma, the more chemical rich is the cleanser. Gentle cleansers which are free of fragrance should be used. You can also go for cleansers that contain ceramides. Ceramides are found in skin’s outer level which helps to retain skin moisture. Depleted ceramide levels are a major cause of dry and damaged skin.


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Follow the Rules of Moisturizing

How to Prevent Dry Skin After Shower - apply moisturizer

All of us are very particular about moisturizing our skin and never gets tired to try out new products. But how many of us follow the rules of moisturizing?

  • Use a soapless, gentle cleanser for bathing.
  • Pat skin dry in less than 30 seconds
  • Apply a thick moisturizer on slightly damp skin to trap moisture in. You should look for moisturizers with shea butter, ceramides, stearic acid or glycerin.
  • Follow it up with a sunscreen cream of SPF 30 or higher for sun protection.

Honey-Yogurt Pack

Another natural, yet very effective way to fight skin dryness. Mix honey and yogurt together and apply the pack all over the body before taking shower. Let it dry and then wash thoroughly. Use this pack regularly for a month and you will definitely see positive result.

Shave Smartly

How to Prevent Dry Skin After Shower - use shaving cream

While shaving unwanted hair from our body. we also scrap off the natural oils. Instead of using the razor directly on the skin, apply a shaving cream and then shave. Use shaving creams that contain aloe vera.

Also make sure to scrub before you shave. This way, you will get a smooth skin and there will be lesser chances of cuts and bruises after shaving.

Be Gentle with Your Skin

Go easy with toners, astringents and other skin care products. Avoid using products that contain alcohol or other skin drying agent. Pick up products that are particularly made for dry skin. Dry skin regular needs to be exfoliated, to prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells. But don’t rub your skin vigorously with scrubber. It will irritate the skin. Gently massage your skin with the scrubber using your fingertips.

Sun Protection

How to Prevent Dry Skin After Shower -using sunscreen

Sun damage is a major cause of dry skin. Wear a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen all year around. To prevent dry lips, apply lip balms with SPF. Be smart while dressing as well. Summer is almost in. So wear light, loose and long sleeved dresses. Wear a wide brimmed hat or carry umbrella.

So these tips are not only easy to follow, but also known to all. But when it comes to following them..well that’s a different story altogether 😉 Preventing skin dryness is not a rocket science. Following some simple tricks will do the trick 🙂

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  1. Dry brushing regularly decreases skin dryness or flaky skin. 🙂

  2. I massage extra virgin olive oil immediately after stepping out of the shower. When one’s body is damp, I’ve felt the amount of absorption to be higher than when it is dry. Moreover, EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is an elixir for dry skin 🙂 I’ll look up dry brushing more on the internet to get more idea about it. Thanks for bringing this to my notice, Rashmita.

  3. This post is just made for me after shower my skin become white and dry. Thanks for info rashmita di i will try these tips.

  4. I love mixing oil with my shower. Makes the skin very soft and aroma oils make the bath smell amazing.

  5. This is a tailor made post for me it seems…Thnx rashmita

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