How to Pop Pimples in Easy Steps

Pimples!! Pimples!! And Pimples!!!!!!!! I don’t know how many different ways I have planned and done for this pimple. Ohh my pimple.. you love me so much that you can’t leave me alone even for a week. huh!! I hate it especially the red and swollen one. Girls this for you – How To Pop Pimples in Easy Steps, yes I am going to tell you all about popping pimples. I will start with the simple procedure and will end with some suggestions. See whenever you follow these steps or any other to pop pimple makes sure that you are careful about hygiene. So lets have a look How To Pop Pimples in Easy Steps.

How to Pop Pimples in Easy Steps

How to Pop Pimples in Easy Steps

Please follow these steps carefully

How to Pop Pimples in Easy Steps, easy steps to pop pimple

  • Wait until you see a white bump on your pimple, never ever try to pop it out when it is red or half white. Wait for days to see that white zits, it is actually the “pus” that accumulates on the surface. Now if you will try to take out the zits when it is red, you will end up attracting the bacteria and more microbes to that area, which will in turn give you more pimples so be careful.
  • Now plan a day for it and before night, try to moisturize the hard zits with some aloe Vera gel, it will make it soft and it will make it easy for you to pop it out with less pain. Remember you should never use oil based moisturizes else they will cause more and more pain.
  • Next morning get yourself ready to do this job after name it ‘Mission Impossible’ :p
  • Wash your face and especially the pimple area with warm water and soap solution; you can add few drops of Dettol from the hygiene point of view.
  • Now take out some clean washcloth and wipe your face smoothly and slowly.
  • Then take clean cotton cloth, this will be the one which will help you to take out the puss out of your pimple
  • Start squeezing the sides of the pimple with your fingers covered with the cotton cloth, press gently until the whole puss comes out of it.
  • Many prefers sterilized needle to pinch it of but it is too scary for me, so I prefer to the cloth idea.
  • Once you are done squeezing make sure you don’t dig it out. In fact do not touch it with bare hands and nails.
  • Wash it with water and soap solution, and put some anti bacterial ointments over it, so that the tissue can recover and regenerate.

How to Pop Pimples in Easy Steps, girl popping pimple

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See girls, I heard that it is not hygienic if you pop your pimple by your own , but I think you have to be careful, that’s it, I mean who else will do this great job for you. So from next time do follow these steps.

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  1. Wow, this is gr8! But seriously, i m yet not able to gain the courage to pop out my pimples! Can’t risk it either! 🙁

  2. Mee too!Mission Impossblie for me! i would rather let it dry up and then remove on its own. 🙁 but yes, for special days, when pimple troubles me will try this! 🙂

  3. I don’t have an acne prone skin, but there are days when few of them pop up. I quite do it the same way you have mentioned.

  4. ohh then you can tell others how effective theses steps are.

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