How to Pack your Gym Bag

Today fitness is everybody’s concern as lack of it can invite unnecessary issues like obesity, medical disorders, lack of flexibility and simply add to your body age before time. One may do exercises at home, yoga or visit a gym but carrying the right essentials in your gym bag is important to get the best out of it. Here is a little guide to How to Pack your Gym Bag.

How to Pack your Gym Bag

Comfortable Gym Wear and Shoes

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While gymming one works on flexibility and stamina to get into shape easily which needs a lot of stretching and twisting. Thus you must adorn adequately comfortable workout pants and a comfortably loose fitting tee.

  • Extremely loose clothes will make you look aged and also distract you while working out. Similarly tight fitting clothes will not let you bend and move the way you want while exercising.
  • Choose the right bra : Get the perfect sports bra for yourself to remain maintain your comfort level while exercising. The bra should give you strong hold and no bulges from any side.
  • Pack a pair of nice running shoes. They should fit well and not give you blisters post workouts.


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You are going to sweat a lot while hitting the gym but who wants to look like a living waterfall at the gym. Keep your personal towel handy to wipe off the dirt and sweat.

  • Carry oil blotting sheets for that extra oil and dirt on the face. You can also carry soft tissue for your face.
  • Do not use the same towel for your face and body. The facial skin being sensitive may breakout due to it.


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Do not dare to forget wearing your perfume or deodorant. You may also use roll on frequently if you happen to smell bad after heavy workout sessions.

  • Spray your perfume on all pulse points like behind the ears and at the back of the wrist to keep smelling fresh throughout.

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Clips and headbands

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Keep your fringes and bangs out of your face while working out. The sweat and grime of your hair falling on your face can lead to acne and eye infections.

  • Use a nice head band to your hair in place. Carry some extra pins to fix your flyaway hair and keep them out of your face.


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Facial mist or cleanser

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Post gymming you may have an appointment or you might be dropping at the gym from your workplace. Do not start with a oily and dirty face so a facial cleanser or a facial mist is a must.

  • Spray a little rose water or any facial mist and start your workouts. Your skin will feel refreshed and stay hydrated throughout.

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Many a times you may get blisters and cuts which need attention immediately to avoid infection and continue working out freely. Carry some band aids and any antiseptic cream for such emergencies.

Hand Sanitizer and paper soap

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Dirty hands is the main source of acne, pimples, rashes and even dandruff. So make sure you keep your hands clean before touching your face and hair. However, at the gym , where machines are commonly used by all this looks like a milestone to achieve.

  • Worry not simply trust your hand products for the same. The best thing is to wear gym gloves while using the machines and lifting weights.
  • Otherwise no touching your face with dirty hands in between gymming sessions. Reach out for your sanitizer or paper soap to prevent any chance of breakouts.

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Beauty Essentials

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You must have read our post on Makeup for gym. Yes it helps afterall who wants to look dull in a common place. So do not forget your beauty essentials especially your lip balm and Sunscreen.

  • Apply and reapply your lip balm to keep your lips hydrated as cracked lips are a big turn off. Pink lips balms can also be used as a cream blush so a tinted lip balm is a must.
  • Sunscreen is needed once you step out of your gym to avoid getting tanned or sun burnt. If you want you can also wear a tinted sun protection cream for a little coverage and cover up for minimal imperfections.

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Bath Essentials

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This is for people who like to take a steam or sauna bath at the gym. Some people heading to the gym directly from workplace may need a shower to freshen up and attend another gathering scheduled next to it.

  • Carry your shampoo and conditioner in travel friendly bottles or get sachets of the same. You can also pick a shampoo cum conditioner to save time and space.
  • Do not forget your refreshing shower gel and a long bath towel.
  • Carry a pair of slippers to avoid standing bare foot under the shower.

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Mouth Freshner

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Carry any spice like clove or chewing gums or mouth sprays to avoid any foul odor and the embarrassment it creates. After while gymming you are expected to make new friends and learn from them too.

Water and snacks

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Although most gyms have drinking water facility yet nothing is better than your own bottle of water. Water keeps your hydrated internally and maintains the water balance in your body. Take small sips in between workouts.

  • As healthy snacks one can chose sugar free bars or better any fruit like an apple.


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Last but not the least do not forget your Ipod and headphones to stay entertained while working out.

That’s all folks hope you like my post. Tell us what you include in your gym bag in your comments. Stay blessed 🙂

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