How to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask at Home

Hello lovely readers! We daily are exposed to so much heat and dust outside while travelling to our work places. Not only this, but we also let our hair get through the harsh treatment of hair styling tools which are no less for damaging our hair. But to compensate this loss, we should maintain a routine and treat our hair with natural and homemade masks which are efficient enough. I have tried some hair masks myself with olive oil and honey, so let us all see How to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask at Home, which are easily available  ingredients at every household.

How to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask at Home

Things you need to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask at Home

Directions to apply Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask

  • Add 3-4 teaspoon full of honey in the bowl (amount can be increased if the hair length is more than below the shoulder).
  • Then, add enough amount (around 4-5 teaspoon) of olive oil in it and give it a proper mix.
  • Now a bit of a hectic part comes. You need to first comb out your hair nicely, so that there are no tangles midway.
  • Now, section your hair into two parts and consecutively section both the parts in 2 more divisions, which will create 4 divisions in total. (This is done so as to keep the tangles away and also that the mask gets applied to each and every section evenly.)
  • Take one section of your hair at a time with others clipped. Dip your hand covered with gloves in the bowl and apply onto your hair evenly. Now clip this section up on your head carefully.
  • Do the same process with the rest of the hair divisions as well, and keep tucking them up.
  • Now, apply the leftover mask in the bowl on the surface of your tucked hair lightly (optional).
  • You might want to cover your hair with a shower cap or if you don’t have one, you can cover it with a polythin bag too.

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How to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask at Home, soft silky hair

  • Let it be on for around 40-50 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair properly with a mild shampoo once or twice, as required. You can even use a conditioner as well afterwards.
  • Now gently dry your hair with a towel, and let it air dry further.
  • You will see an instant shine in your hair, and the fact your hair moisturized so well will make you happy!

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So girls, here is the easiest tip on How to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask at Home. Hope you liked it and will try this as well. Don’t forget to share your feedback below.

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  1. Sounds like a nice nutritious mask for the hair. But I have feeling it will be quite messy.

  2. I have used only honey for my hair. Will definitely add olive oil too ?

  3. So easy, yet full of natural goodness 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂 Will definitely give it a try!

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