How To Make Natural Hair Dye

Grey hair is a massive concern these days. The main cause of greying is ageing, but environmental pollution, unhealthy food habit, stress and some internal health issues also contribute to greying of hair. Almost every 3rd person is suffering from grey hair these days. Most of us these days have very busy and stressful lifestyle and so graying of hair can’t be prevented much. But it can be concealed with the help of hair dyes. The hair dyes that are available in the market contain chemicals that can potentially damage our hair. So, check out my post on how to make natural hair dye.

how to make natural hair dye

The use of hair dye is not only limited for covering grey or white hair. Many people want to change the color of their hair to get a new look. So, clearly hair dye plays a major role in styling our hair. But hair styling doesn’t mean we end up damaging our hair. Most of the commercial hair dyes contain harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals can cause respiratory disorders, cancer and various allergic reactions. These chemicals can even affect our eye sights. And you must have noticed that often these commercial hair dyes results in hair fall!! So why not try natural hair dye? In this post, we have shared some ideas on how to make natural hair dye.

Henna to Make Natural Hair Dye

Henna is the oldest and most trusted ingredient that we use to make natural hair dye. It gives our hair a dark red or brownish tint.

  • If your black hair has gone grey, boil some seasame oil and add some curry leaves to it. Keep this liquid in an air tight container. Now when you want to dye your hair, just mix some henna powder with the oil and boil it. Let it cool. Apply on the hair and wait for 3-4 hours. Wash off. For better results, wash with shikakai.
  • You can simply make a paste of henna powder by mixing it with water. Apply it to the hair and wait for 2 hours. Wash off. At first, it will bring a reddish tint to your hair, but with regular use, your grey hair will gradually become brown.

Tea and Coffee to Make Natural Hair Dye

Both tea and coffee has the ability to dye your hair dark brown, but the liquid has to be enough concentrated to get the desired shade.

  • Use tea powder or tea bags to brew a strong tea. Then strain it and use the liquid to darken your hair color. Similarly strong coffee can also give a dark brown shade to the hair.
  • You can also make an easy coffee dye for hair by mixing some instant coffee powder with your hair conditioner.

Walnut Shells to Make Natural Hair Dye

The hard outer shells of walnuts can make strong hair color. Crush the shells and put them in boiling water. Boil for about 30 minutes. Cool it off and collect the liquid. Apply it to hair using a cotton ball. Allow it to stay on hair for 1 hour and rinse off with mild shampoo. Don’t use hot water as it might lighten the dye effect. This liquid is a very strong dye and it might leave a stain on everything it comes in contact with. So be extra careful.

Saffron to Make Natural Hair Dye

Boil 2 tbsp of saffron in 2 cups of water for about 20 minutes. Let it cool and apply it to your hair. Let it dry and then wash off. This will turn your grey hair into dark golden brown. It is best for people who have dark brown hair.

Carrot and Beetroot Juice to Make Natural Hair Dye

If you want reddish hint on your hair, try this method. Mix both the juices and keep it it in a spray bottle for the ease of application. Wet your hair and spray the juice mix on your hair. Make sure your hair is coated with it from top to bottom. Now sit in the sun and let it dry. Wash off. It will take some time to achieve the desired color using this process, so keep repeating until you get your choice of color.

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These natural hair dyes are much safer to use than commercial hair dyes. All you need is little patience. Ditch the commercial hair dyes and embrace the goodness of nature by using these homemade hair dyes. These hair dyes not only color our hair, but also nourish hair from within. So, go natural 🙂

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