How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Hi beauties,Today I will tell you how to make your nail polish last longer. To begin with we have to keep it in mind that nails can be kept in good condition only via taking care of them, by eating good and cleaning plus filing them from time to time. Did I forget something? Yes you guessed that right, also  by applying nail paints. Nail polishes are worn to protect the nails from breaking down. So here is a small post to help you get good and well maintained nails. Remember nails are important as it shows the cleanliness of a person.

How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Things we need:

long lasting nail color

  • Nail polish remover (preferably Acetone Free)
  • Pastel or neutral colour nail paint-eg. Maybelline coloroma bale classico
  • Any nail color you want to get –I have used Lakme color crush no 149
  • Clear paint-I have used Elle 18 shade 27
  • A ear bud (any)
  • Some cotton

Lets start:

Step 1 – Remove

Using nail polish remover wipes or liquid remove all traces of previously applied paint. If this part is avoided in a hurry then the nails do not look well maintained even after applying multiple coats.

nail colors


 Step 2- Base coat

  • Apply a base coat of lighter shade like pastels or the same color of the nail paint .
  • In between step 1 and 2 it’s preferable to leave a gap of few days to let the nails breathe.
  • Also try to indulge in manicure or simple nail cleaning and filing during this time.

nail polish care


Step 3

  • Jump to this step only after the first coat has dried up completely. Apply the nail polish from bottom to tip. To do so take only the amount you require each time in the nail paint brush.
  • Excess quantity taken at one go would delay the drying up task.
  • To avoid that press the brush lightly against the mouth of the nail polish bottle while taking out the paint.

nail care

 Step 4

  • Now the final coat. Apply a clear nail paint to make the nail paint last much longer.



Step 5

  • Dip a ear cotton bud in nail paint remover liquid and press it against the mouth of the bottle to squeeze out the excess. Use this immediately to correct the mistakes made.
  • You can also use corrector pens like Sally Hansen Corrector pen etc.

diy of nail


Step 6

  • Finally dip your nails for two minutes or so in cold water to lock the nail paint onto your nails.

red nail color shade


Tips for Nail Polish Last Longer

  • Make sure that the previous coat has completely dried up before applying the new coat.
  • The middle coat can be applied more than once
  • Its completely ok if you are unable to buy costly paints like Lakme ,L’oreal etc. As this can be compensated by using a good quality base paint and specially the clear paint. Cheaper option of nail paints are-Elle 18, Maybelline color show, Dame, vov etc.
  • Use an acetone free nail paint remover to keep nails damage free.
  • Let your nails bare for some days in between wearing colors on your nails.
  • Massage petroleum jelly or olive oil or nail cream on your nails every day before going to bed.
  • Keep filing your nails from time to time.
  • Never wear nail polish to cover up dirty nails. Keep them clean because that’s how hygiene counts.

Red nail art with white stripes

Thank you


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