How to Make Mascara At Home

Mascara is one of the most common makeup products for eyes. Mascara enhances the beauty of our eyes. It darkens, thickens, lengthens and defines our eye lashes. Mascara usually comes in three forms- liquid, cake and cream. Pigmentation, oil and wax are the three basic elements of mascara. But most of the mascaras that are available in the market today contain preservatives and various chemicals. If you are looking for chemical free mascaras, then homemade mascara is your answer. So check out my post on how to make mascara home.

How to Make Mascara At Home

Mascara is one such item which is a must have in our beauty kit. Most of us girls wear mascara on daily basis.  Most of the store bought mascaras contain paraffin, paraben and various other harmful chemicals. Now, would to like wear chemicals on your eyes day in & day out? No, never because, they are too much damaging for our precious eyes and eye lashes. Allergic reactions like red eyes, itchy eyes are very common for mascara users. So what’s the solution? Ditch mascara? Never. Rather opt for homemade mascaras. In this post we have shared how to make mascara at home.

Homemade Mascara Recipe 1

Things you will need : Petrolium jelly, black eye shadow, almond oil, Q-tip, a container, empty mascara tube, empty syringe

Take a little less than 1 tsp petroleum jelly in place it in an empty container. Now take some black eye shadow with the Q-tip and mix with petroleum jelly. You will eventually notice that a mascara like thick texture is forming up. Add 2 drops of almond oil to that. Now mix some beeswax with the formula to make it waterproof. Put the mascara in an empty syringe and carefully fill your empty mascara tube using the syringe. This will transform the mascara into the mascara tube without any mess. Your mascara is ready to use.

Petrolium jelly will help the eye lashes to curl and almond oil will make your eye lashes grow naturally.

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How to Make Mascara At Home

Homemade Mascara Recipe 2

Things you will need : coconut oil, shea butter/aloe vera gel, beeswax. activated charcoal capsules/cocoa powder, one clean plastic zip bag

Place 2 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp shea butter and ½ tsp beeswax in a small sauce pan and heat them over low heat. You can substitute shea butter with aloe vera gel. Stir constantly so that the ingredients mix well. Once the mixture is formed, add ½ tsp charcoal powder (simply open the capsules). If you can’t get activated charcoal, use cocoa powder. It will add brownish black color to your mascara. That’s it. Now pour the mascara in a corner of the plastic zip bag and cut the tip of the corner. Gently squeeze the mascara from the zip bag to empty mascara tube.

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One word of caution! While making your own mascara, you have to work quickly or else the gel will get too thick to be transformed in the tube.

These homemade mascaras contain healthy ingredients. These non toxic mascaras moisturize our eye lashes and make them grow naturally. These formulas are also great for thickening our lashes. Moreover, homemade mascara isn’t that hard to make. So instead of paying high price for chemical loaded mascaras, get these inexpensive ingredients and make your own signature mascara 🙂

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