How to Make Herbal Bath Powder at Home

How to Make Herbal Bath Powder at Home – Hello friends! here I have bought you a secret to enhance your body. How to make herbal bath powder at home will help you for enhancement of your skin and giving you a beautiful and fresh morning as we take a bath in the morning. Thanks to all the grime, muck and pollutants our skin is tormented by on a daily basis, using something that not only drives out all the rubbish but also nurtures it in the long run becomes the need of the hour. Our kitchen is a warehouse of myriad skin treats, don’t believe? Head over to the pantry and grab the ingredients mentioned below that’ll leave you with supple and nourished skin. Pssst… We’re concocting a 100% herbal homemade bath powder. How to Make Herbal Bath Powder at Home, revel the method by going through the post down below.

How to Make Herbal Bath Powder at Home

How to Make Herbal Bath Powder at Home


  • Neem Powder – 100 g
  • Besan – 50 g
  • Kasthuri Manjal Powder/Wild Turmeric Powder – 25 g

How to Make Herbal Bath Powder at Home - ingredients


Mix all the three powders together. Please make sure that the Neem powder is either organic or made at home (by drying the leaves in sunlight for a week and then crushing in the mixer). Only organic powders or those made at home will work. No shortcuts here!
That’s it. You’re done. Simple? Just scoop out the powder (requisite amount), mix with water/milk and smear generously on your skin while having a bath. Rinse off when dry. It’ll leave you with clear, brighter and nourished skin with regular use. The best part is it is all-natural and works (and not wreaks havoc) with long-term usage 

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Benefits of The Ingredients

How to make herbal bath powder at home

Neem  Powder – Indian lilac, colloquially known as Neem assists in cleansing skin by providing respite from redness in addition to scratching pores and skin in addition to lightening old stubborn scars.

Besan – Besides being an efficacious cleanser, Besan (chickpea flour) assists in exfoliating skin thereby removing unwanted body hair. It also imparts a clear complexion.

Kasthuri Manjal Powder/Wild Turmeric Powder – Kasthuri Manjal/Haldi is the turmeric that is specifically crafted for skin care. Please do not use the haldi that is available in masala daanis. It is N-O-T meant for skin care. Kasthuri haldi is packed with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. The USP is that it imparts a winsome tinge to one’s skin!

So, here is a simple description of How to Make Herbal Bath Powder at Home. Hope you will try it out and don’t forget to share your experience with us 🙂

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