How to Make Earrings at Home

Homemade fashion accessories are really fun to make and they keep the little artist in you alive. They are not at all difficult to make and they just need some basic art and craft materials. So, fetch out some time from your busy schedule and try your hands at some easy methods to make earrings. So take a look at How to Make Earrings at Home. I hope you will have fun reading these do it yourself ideas below. Since, Diwali season is approaching you can also try some festive designs however, below we will stick to certain very basic designs only.

How to Make Earrings at Home

How to Make Earrings at Home – Simple Stud Earrings

How to Make Earrings at Home, simple stud earrings

Things you need :

  • a thin paint brush
  • acrylic paints
  • small wooden discs in shape of your choice
  • craft glue/ Feviquik
  • ear ring posts
  • clear nail polish
  • pliers: to handle and work with metallic parts

How to Make Earrings at Home, simple stud earrings ingredients

Method :

  • This one is simple. Start by drawing a pattern of your choice on the wooden discs.
  • Fill in colors in your drawn pattern with the help of acrylic paints and brush.
  • Let the paint dry completely.
  • Now, apply a coat of clear nail paint. This would seal the acrylic color and add a lot of shine to your earrings.
  • After, the coat has dried, paste your earring post.

Alternatively, you can also use flattened buttons to make your earrings. Many of your dresses that have grown old and you are going to donate or discard them anyway.. well, you can put those cute fabric buttons to some use.

How to Make Earrings at Home, simple stud earrings 1

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How to Make Earrings at Home – Studs with Embellishments

How to Make Earrings at Home, studs with embellishments

This way is very much similar to method number 1 but here you can paint your disc with only one base color instead of painting a pattern and then let the paint dry.

  • Next, add your embellishments to the earring and paste them using a glue. You can add anything from small flowers to studs to colored stones over these.
  • When the embellishment is totally dry, apply the clear coat of nail polish.
  • Paste the post at the back of earring at exactly the centre and your earrings are ready.
  • If you want them as hanging earrings, then use earring hooks instead of post.

How to Make Earrings at Home, steps to make studs with embellishments

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How to Make Earrings at Home – Pinecone Earrings

How to Make Earrings at Home, pinecone earrings

Pine cone earrings are really fun to make. You can easy get pine cones lying around in parks or at florists. Grab small pinecones. Alternatively you can use colored feathers like those of peacock.

Method :

  • Paint your pine cones in metallic colors like: Silver, Golden and Copper.
  • After the paint has dried, you need to use an earring chain to attach the pinecone at one end and then add the earring hook at the other end.

So that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 Let me know which of these methods you are going to try to make your ‘signature earrings’ 🙂

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