How To Make Bleach For Hair At Home

Hair is our crowning glory. Long, beautiful, shiny hair..who doesn’t want it? Hair is one such part of our body that plays a vital role in enhancing our physical beauty. And that’s probably the reason we are more into beautifying our hair these days. Apart from using natural ways to have long, thick tresses, we sometimes take help of lots of styling tools and styling products to enhance the beauty of our hair as well as our overall look. Hair color has always been very popular and these days bleaching of hair is also drawing attention. Bleaching is basically removing the pigment from hair strands. Check out my post on how to make bleach for hair at home.
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How to Make Bleach for Hair At Home

Hair bleaching can be done for your entire hair or you can choose which part you want to bleach. When you are bleaching certain parts of your hair, it’s called highlighting. Highlighting adds a great dimension to the natural hue of hair. Asian people mostly have dark brown or black hair. We often opt for coloring our hair to break the monotony. But because of the natural shades of our hair, coloring options are pretty limited. So what to do? Bleach your hair. If you can add darker pigmentation to your hair, why not lighten the pigmentation? And for this you don’t have to break the bank at an expensive salon. In this post, we have shared how to make bleach for hair at home.

Lemon juice to make bleach for hair at home

This is the oldest method to make bleach for hair at home. Mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 cup of water and apply it to the hair. Sit in the sunlight and wait until hair dries. This is a natural and subtle way to lighten hair.

Salt to make bleach for hair at home

This is another natural ingredient to make bleach for hair. Simply mix salt with water. The ratio should be 1:5, means mix 1 part salt with 5 part water. Rinse your hair with this. Let it sit on the hair for 15 minutes and clean off.

Henna powder to make bleach for hair at home

Henna powder when mixed with chamomile tea makes great bleach for hair. Mix equal amount of each powder (henna and chamomile tea) with boiling water to make a thick paste, Wet your hair and comb this paste into your hair. Put a shower cap on and wait for 2 hours. Finally clean off.

Vitamin C to make bleach for hair at home

Vitamin not only lightens your hair, but also keeps them healthy. Take 8-10 Vitamin C tablets and crush them into powder. Now mix it with your favorite shampoo and just wash your hair as usual.

Rhubarb to make bleach for hair at home

Take a rhubarb and chop it. Now take ¼ cup of chopped rhubarb and boil it. Allow it to cool off. Use the liquid which is basically rhubarb infused water, as your hair rinse. Leave the rinse on for 15 minutes and then just wash off with plain water.

Honey and baking soda to make bleach for hair at home

Combine baking soda with honey and lemon juice and use this as a natural bleach. Apply it to the hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Finally rinse off. Baking soda acts as a great lightening agent and also it cleanses the hair really well. Honey, apart from lightening hair, provides a natural glow and smoothness to your locks.

Chamomile tea and honey to make bleach for hair at home

Put lemon juice, chamomile tea and honey to a pot of boiling water. Mix all three ingredients well. Take 3-4 bags of chamomile tea for intense bleaching effect. Pour it over your hair and sit in the sun. Wait till it dries and clean off.

Cinnamon powder to make bleach for hair at home

Mix some cinnamon powder with 1-2 tbsp (depending on your hair length) hair conditioner and coat it evenly on your hair from root to tip. Pull your hair up and make a bun on top of your head. Put a shower cap on and leave it like this overnight. Rinse off next morning. Cinnamon not only effectively lightens the hair, but it smells great too.

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These are very effective hair bleach that you can make at home. The ingredients are also easily available. If you have dark brown hair, these methods are best for you. But for black hair beauties, it will take some time to see any visible result.

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