How to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

Hello Beauties ! Most of us are fond of cleanliness. It is an important part of our personality as whenever we present ourselves before anyone hygiene is what can make or break the equation. For example who would like to hang around with someone who has lice in her hair or emits a foul smell after sweating. Here are some simple points to get the best of hygiene in your everyday life. So let’s take a look at How to maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime.

How to maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

Hand Sanitizer to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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First of all hands need to be washed and cleaned thoroughly to remain germ free as we mostly touch our body and hair with our hands and that’s how germs get transferred from our hands to the skin. The results may be breakouts or hair fall so make sure you keep your hands clean throughout the day.

  • Always carry a hand sanitizer in your hand bag while travelling. Try to use it whenever required to keep you hands clean and tidy.
  • At home keep your hands clean by washing them with a nice hand wash and follow up with a hand cream twice a day to combat the dryness.
  • While travelling one can also use anti bacterial wipes or paper soap if hand sanitizer is too drying for your palms.

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Say No to Sharing Makeup to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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Sharing may be caring but not always especially when it comes to personal care products. At home it like products may still be ok but no sharing your others.

  • Do not share lipsticks, lip balms, kohl liners, mascara. You may share shampoos, conditioner, creams etc.
  • Even make up tools like makeup brushes, puff, combs and sponges are strictly not meant for sharing as these are the easiest medium transferring germs from one person to another.
  • If somehow you have already been sharing then use anti septic wipes to wipe off the surface of the product before using it yourself.

Avoid Jar Packaging Products to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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This may sound weird especially when some products are solely available in jar or wide mouth bottles and not tubes or have pump packaging to dispose off the product.

  • Use a plastic spoon or something clean to scoop out the product every time you need to get some product out of the jar.
  • When the same product is borrowed by someone ask them to do the same.
  • In case of head masks and conditioners which are often marketed in jars, never dig out the product using wet shampoo. Rather scoop them out too using any spatula or spoon.

Wash your Comb to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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If you are facing hair fall and wondering what went wrong then quickly check your combs. Your comb is the breeding ground for germs which may further lead to fungal infection on scalp or even lice like issues.

  • Once a week soak your comb in lukewarm water and add a little shampoo or shower gel to it.
  • You can also use a baby toothbrush to clean the combs and prevent any scalp infection.

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Change your Tooth Brush to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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Foul odor from your mouth can be the reason behind your low profile social life so change your basic habits now.

  • You may be brushing your teeth twice a day but the right brush is enough for the same. Change your tooth brush every month instead of using it for months until the bristles fall off.
  • Use a mouth wash afer every meal to combat mouth odor.
  • Dry your toothbrush in the sun instead of leaving it wet. Do not keep your toothbrush in the open as insects can play havoc too.

Change Pillow Covers to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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A clean pillow cover is the first thing required to get rid of hair fall, dandruff and acne. Use fresh and washed pillow covers every day to say goodbye to scalp disorders and breakouts.

Clean Beauty Tools to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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Besides the policy of no sharing of makeup, cleanliness of the products used by self is equally important.

  • Make sure to wash your make up brushes once a week using a baby shampoo or shower gel and dry them thoroughly too,
  • Try to clean makeup sponges and puffs after every use.
  • Even straightners and curling tongs need to be cleaned with a soft cloth to obstruct any unnecessary deposits on the heating plates.

Everyday Essentials to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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Wash and condition your hair every three days and keep your face clean using face wash and wipes.

  • Make sure to take a shower after getting wet in the rain or sweating profusely to remain healthy and germ free always.
  • Keep your nails trimmed and clean as the dirt of nails can mess up with your skin , hair as well as your digestion.

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Clean Towel to Maintain Hygiene in Beauty Regime

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Last but not the least wash your bath towel and face towel as often as possible to steer clear of germs and bacteria.

  • Once in a few days soak your towel in a bucket of hot water and add a few drops of anti septic liquid like Dettol or Savlon etc to it. Let the towel remain in the bucket until the water cools down and wash as usual.

That’s it for today 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Take care & see you all soon with another new post!

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