How to maintain Healthy Skin in Summer

Summer is in full flow right now. And summer comes with its own hazards. Summer is the season when we need to take special care of our skin. The harsh sun can wreck havoc on our skin making us look so much older. It is estimated that 90% of the wrinkles are caused due to sun exposure. Not only wrinkles, sun exposure leads to tanning, which at times becomes too difficult to remove. Even we have to ditch our favorite sleeveless tops because of tanned arms 🙂 The harsh weather of summer makes it impossible to maintain a healthy glowing skin. So lets move on and check How to maintain healthy skin in summer.

How to Maintain Healthy Skin in Summer

How to maintain healthy skin in summer

Oily skin, sunburn, clogged pores, severe breakouts, skin darkening are some of the skin care dilemmas that we have to face during summertime. Excessive sweating makes our skin rough and dull. There are few among us who don’t suffer from any of these. So, to deal with the hottest season of the year we need to adapt proper skin care routine. Here we have come up with few simple tips that can be followed in order to maintain a healthy radiant skin in summer.

Stay hydrated to maintain healthy skin in summer

First thing first. To maintain a healthy glowing skin in summer, it is very, very important to stay hydrated from within. Excessive heat and humidity often leave our body dehydrated. Water intake not only hydrates the body, but also moisturizes our skin inside out. Avoid aerated water and canned juice, instead prefer green tea, coconut water, buttermilk, fruit juices etc. Also boost you seasonal summer fruit intake. Watermelon, leafy greens and berries have higher water concentration to help us stay hydrated.

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Apply sunscreen to maintain healthy skin in summer

Do invest in a good sunscreen to shield your skin from sun’s harmful UV rays. Use a sunscreen lotion of at least of SPF30. Remember to apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Pick an oil-free, mineral based sunscreen for sensitive and oily skin. Summer days are synonymous with profuse sweating, so go for a waterproof sunscreen. Do look for sunscreen rich in antioxidants for that extra boost for your skin. Reapply your sunscreen in every 2-3 hours. Try to avoid sun between 10-4 pm which is known as peak time for exposure to the UV radiation.

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Regular Cleansing and Exfoliating to maintain healthy skin in summer

Cleanse your face twice a day at least. If you have acne prone skin, try to stick with a cucumber or aloe vera based face wash. You can simply combine honey and yogurt and use this as a homemade cleanser. But only cleansing won’t do the job, it is very important to exfoliate regularly. Summer is primetime for buildup of dead skin cells, which make our skin look dull and uneven. Exfoliation gets rid of those dead skin cells. Exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week.

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Toning to maintain healthy skin in summer

Toner removes the dirt and oil from the face that our face wash fails to pick up. It also restores our skin’s ph level, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Using a toner is important to keeps the pores closed. Look for a toner that suits your skin or simply go with rose water. Spray some rose water on your face and it will freshen you up instantly.

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Moisturizing to maintain healthy skin in summer

Moisturizing is another very important part of our summer skin care routine. Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean we can skip moisturizer. Regular moisturizing is very important to help our skin stay hydrated. Opt for a water based moisturizer. It’s even better if your moisturizer contains SPF, if not then apply sunscreen separately. To cool off your sun burned skin, choose a moisturizer that contains aloe vera.

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Use a facial mist to maintain healthy skin in summer

Facial mist is undoubtedly one of summer’s favorite skin care products. If your skin looking dull and fatigued after a day out in the sun, quickly spray it on your face and see the magic. Moreover facial mists work great when it comes to fixing our makeup. We all are scared of the thought of our makeup wearing off in the sun. Use a facial mist to deal with this. It not only fixes the makeup, but also acts as a perfect touch up.

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Apply fruit masks to maintain healthy skin in summer

Fruits are very much beneficial for our skin. To deal with the harsh summer days, nourish your skin with these fruit masks –

  • If you have combination skin, apply some watermelon juice mixed with milk powder. You can also add a few drops of jasmine essential oil.
  • For oily skin, use papaya pulp with lemon juice. Add tea tree oil if you want.
  • Add a few drops of honey with smashed banana and use it as a face mask for dry skin.

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De-tanning remedies to maintain healthy skin in summer

  • After taking almost all the precautions, it’s still not possible to avoid tan entirely. So here are few simple home remedies for de-tanning ourselves –
  • Make a paste of one almond, 5 drops of lemon juice and 1 tsp of milk. Apply it nicely and evenly on the face and other tanned areas and leave it on overnight. Wash off with warm water next morning.
  • If you have pimple prone skin, make a de-tanning pack using tomato juice, honey and lemon juice. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash away.
  • To get back the glowing and radiant skin, make a pack using gram flour, yogurt and lemon juice. Let it stay on your face and other tanned parts for 30 minutes and wash off.

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Minimal make up to maintain healthy skin in summer 

When it comes to make up in summer, stick to the basics. Concealer, mascara, kajal, lip gloss and a bronzing blush and you are ready to rock the day.

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Sweat it out to maintain healthy skin in summer 

Exercise helps to release the toxins from the body and keep us healthy. Simple workouts in the morning or some yoga can make you feel good and fresh. Exercise improves the blood circulation in our body that results in healthy, glowing skin.

So girls, don’t get scared to step out in the summer with your bare face. These above mentioned tips on How to maintain healthy skin in summer will help you to avoid the skin problems and beat the heat. Just incorporate them in your daily skin care routine and rock the season 🙂

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