How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels – There’s nothing wrong in being petite, but sometimes we feel less confident because of our short height. Unfortunately, there’s no magic trick to increase our height, however, fashion can come to our rescue. There are few fashion tricks that give the illusion of height. Now the first thing that comes to our mind is wearing high heels. We love high heels, they are sexy no doubt. But wearing them all day long doesn’t feel comfortable to everyone. Then? No need to worry, as in this post, you will get to know How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels. Other than wearing high heels, there are lots of other small things that can be done to look tall. Wearing the right clothes, prints, colors, cuts, accessories, hairstyle can give you the desired look. So let’s take a look below to know How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels.

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels

Monochrome Outfits

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels - wear monochrome dress

Wearing monochrome outfits or head to toe outfits in same color create the illusion of height. When you wear a monochrome outfit, it creates a long column of same color and automatically you look taller. Choose dark colors like black, blue, purple, dark grey to look taller and leaner.

Wear Stripes

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels - wear dress with vertical strips

Stripes are in, so go for them! But wear only vertical stripes to look tall. Vertical stripe pants, suits, dresses, skirts to add the illusion of height. Vertical stripes outfits are trendy and give a slimmer appearance. Don’t wear horizontal stripes as they will add width to the figure.

Maxi Dress or Skirt

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels - wear maxi dress

This is another great trick to Look Tall without Wearing Heels. Wear maxi dresses or maxi length skirts. But choose pleated skirt. Floor length maxi dresses or monochromic gowns give you the desired look. Wear them with flat sandals and you are good to go!

Say Yes to Fitted Clothes

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels - wear fitting dress

No matter how comfortable you feel in those loose dresses, avoid them at all cost. Loose dresses make you appear shorter and wider. Wear fitted outfits as they make you look sexy and of course taller too. Also pay attention to minute details like fabric, design etc. Avoid heavy fabrics, heavy embroidery or too much ruffles.

Choose Ethnic Wear Wisely

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels - wear saree with thin border

To look taller in saree, first be picky about the fabric. Opt for georgette, and chiffon sarees as they stick to body and add an illusion of height. Avoid cotton sarees. Also wear sarees with thin border or no border. Small prints or vertical prints sarees are perfect if you want to Look Tall without Wearing Heels.

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels - wear closed neck salwar kameez and mermaid style lehenga

While wearing salwar suits, opt for a little longer kameez. Choose darker colors and high neck salwar suits. If you love wearing Anarkali suits, then go for V-neck anarkalis. For lehengas, opt for mermaid-style ones. Also make sure to wear cholis in shorter lengths and with U shape or square neck cut and deep back as such designs help to make you look taller.

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Accessories and Hairstyles

How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels - accessories

  • You may or may not know this, but accessories and hairstyles do play a vital role in making you appear taller without heels. Always carry small handbags like cross-body bags or small top-handle totes. Over-sized bags add volume to waist and hip.
  • If you are wearing belt, then choose same color skinny belt as your clothes. Stay away from bold, heavy jewelries. Wear long necklaces and drop earrings.
  • Since you are not wearing heels, so pay close attention to your shoes. Wear pointy-toe flats or strappy sandals. Light colored or nude strappy sandals are a great choice. Choose neutral colors like black, navy blue, grey, brown etc. Say no to sandals with ankle straps.
  • Hair-dos play a major role to make you appear taller. Put your hair up, go for high bun, high ponytail or puffer hairstyles. One can also opt for shorter hairstyles like chin-length bob, long bob etc as they make us look taller.

So here are some simple tips on How to Look Tall without Wearing Heels. Give them a try as they could have you looking taller without putting too much effort! What do you think about these fashion tricks? Share your views below 🙂

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