How to Look Good in a Selfie

Selfie is one of the most common, as well as a very popular term these days. It is basically our own photograph taken by ourselves with either our phone camera or a digicam. These days selfie is quite a trend. So much so that many phone manufacturers have started encashing on them. They are coming up with phones that are specialists to take selfies. Lots of camera apps are also available to touch up our selfies. Moreover we often see selfie contests on social media. So let’s check my post and it’s How to Look Good in a Selfie. Check – How to Look Good in a Selfie

How to Look Good in a Selfie

Selfies are here to stay. We love taking selfies, don’t we? We click them throughout the day and post them social media. And who doesn’t love to see loads of likes and lovely comments on their selfie? But for that a beautiful face isn’t enough. We need to nail the art of taking selfies. How perfectly you take a selfie makes a big difference on how you look in the photo. In this article below, we have come up with few simple tricks and tips to click perfect selfie. Let’s check them out 🙂

Proper lighting to take perfect selfie

Lighting plays the most important part in photography. Find a place with beautiful lighting to pose for a selfie. The best time for taking selfies is daytime because natural light is always best. It’s always good to take a selfie outdoor, preferably in a space with lots of sunlight. And if you want to click indoor, go near a window where you can get adequate natural light. During evening time, place the source of light in front of you for good selfies. Don’t let the light come from behind you or don’t stand directly under the source of light as it will create shadows.

Find the right angle to take perfect selfie

Next comes finding the right angle. Experiment with different angles to know which angle is working for you. The main point is to find out the perfect angle which shows off your best side and you are completely satisfied with your picture. Holding a camera slightly higher than yourself gives you the best selfies.

Good background to take perfect selfie

Be it indoor or outdoor, background is another important criteria to take a perfect selfie. Nature is always the best option. Click your selfie on your terrace, on your balcony or in the garden and you will love it. When indoor, always clean up your surroundings before taking selfie. A shabby or messy background can completely ruin a good selfie. Find the most beautiful corner of your house. It can be a beautifully painted/decorated wall or even a lovely curtain can be a great background.

Avoid front camera & flash to take perfect selfie

These days most of the phones come with a front camera and a rear camera. Apparently a front camera is much more comfortable to take selfies, but if you want a perfect selfie, click with the back camera. Back cameras come with better resolution and therefore make great photos. Taking selfies with your phone’s back camera might be a little difficult, but it’s totally worth the trouble. And don’t use your phone’s flash, it will completely ruin the photo.

Emphasize on your expressions to take perfect selfie:

What’s a photo without expression? After all you don’t want to click a robot-face. A smiling face never fails. So don’t forget to smile for a great selfie. Be confident and it will shine through your photo, making it appear much more beautiful. You can also try the silly selfies which are quite a trend these days. Pull a silly face with confidence and bring out your cute self. Pouting is also another option. But if you are not comfortable with any such looks (duck face, pouting etc), just ditch it. Remember to have fun while taking selfies and you will get some of your best photos.

Beautify yourself to take perfect selfie

You can always go with your natural look or no makeup look in your selfies. But a little bit makeup won’t hurt either. Apply a tinted, oil-free moisturizer or your favorite BB cream, wear your favorite lipstick and a little highlighter on your cheek bones, chin and forehead and you are ready to rock.

Take more than one photo for perfect selfie

Once you have found the right angle and everything else fall in place, you are bound to get a great selfie. But we don’t always get our best shot the first time.  So don’t just take one selfie. Click a few more, so that you can later on take out the best of the lot.

Few additional tips to Look Good in a Selfie

  • Mix things up a bit. It means try different poses, different expressions, different backgrounds while taking selfie. In this way, you will have lots of different styled selfies which is always great.
  • Hold the camera/phone with both your hands. This is easier because it holds the camera steady and while you are holding the camera/phone with one hand, you can use the other hand to tap the shutter icon. Just be careful not to cover the lens.
  • If you want to take a full body selfie, don’t stand parallel to the camera, instead angle your body slightly to the left or right for a better photo.
  • If you are having trouble finding the right angle or holding your phone at the perfect distance, use a selfie stick.
  • Once you are done clicking your selfies, don’t hesitate to take help of a good photo editing app to enhance your photo. These days, social medias like twitter and Instagram have lots of inbuilt filters which give your selfie a special touch.

Hope you like my post today 🙂 Follow these simple tricks and be a selfie queen! Happy selfie-ing 🙂

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