How to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip

You have worked so hard to look at your absolute best for your wedding. Choosing the right dress, getting matching accessories, skincare, makeup, hairstyle and what not! And you got married! Next up honeymoon. Chances are pretty high, that you would like to look no less beautiful on your honeymoon trip!! After the frantic pace of wedding, couples usually want to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon. This is the time when you actually get to know each other and your romance starts to blossom 🙂 As a newly married bride, you surely want to look nothing but gorgeous on your honeymoon trip, right? And probably you are looking for ideas to look at your best for your honeymoon? Look no further, because in this post I have shared ideas on How to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip. Check this out!

How to Look Best On Honeymoon Trip

You should start your shopping at least before couple of weeks of your trip. First make a list of everything that you are planning to buy and then check it at least twice to make sure that you haven’t missed anything! Also make sure that you are not buying anything out of excitement which is not necessary for the trip because it will only increase your luggage.

How to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip :

How to Dress to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip

If you are going to hill stations, you have to pack your best woolens. Try floral cardigans with funky caps or woolen suits with Jaypuri chappals. Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of  socks to keep your feet warm and beautiful. How can I forget about woolen frocks!! You can wear them if you are going to a hill station on summer. Try dark colored woolen frocks with long boots, it makes you classy.

How to Look Best On Honeymoon Trip 1

If you are going to a beach, you have little more freedom regarding what to wear. You can wear one piece dress or floral frocks which are in fashion. Try shorts with tank tops (sleeveless or long sleeve). You can choose cotton kurti with capri. And don’t forget to pack a few chiffon sarees as they can make you look gorgeous instantly.

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Hairstyle to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip

Don’t worry too much about your hair. Carry some good hair serums to make your hair shiny and silky. You can carry your dryer, straightner and curler for that extra stylish hair. Make a high pony tail or a French-knot or a stylish juda with Chinese stick. If you wish, you can go for a haircut before your trip.

How to Look Best On Honeymoon Trip 2

Keep some artificial flowers and other hair accessories handy. You can use hair clips which are specially made to give a bouncy look to your hair. Go for temporary color flicks if you want.

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Makeup to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip

How to Look Best On Honeymoon Trip 3

Honeymoon is not a time to flaunt bold makeup. Keep it natural. A little moose or foundation, loose powder and concealer– that’s it. Go for pink or bronze blush to give your cheeks a natural flush and make them look bouncy. Apply your favorite lip color. If you are keeping your face makeup minimal, then go for bold lip.

How to Look Best On Honeymoon Trip 4

You can try smoky eyes or blue colored eyes. Line your eyes with smudge proof kajal and apply mascara to give an attractive look to your eyelashes.

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Nails to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip

How to Look Best On Honeymoon Trip 5

Go for a manicure session before the trip. Use dark nail paints like red and black or choose your nail polish as per the color of your outfits.

Ornaments and Accessories to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip

How to Look Best On Honeymoon Trip 6

You have worn enough gold on your wedding, honeymoon is the time to go light with your ornaments. Try the funky accessories which are lightweight, yet make you look beautiful. You can try funky anklet with your chuda for a traditional look.

So ladies, here are few tips on How to Look Best on Honeymoon Trip. Hope you loved reading the post. Eagerly waiting to hear your feedback 🙂

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