How To Keep Off The Shoulder Tops in Place

How To Keep Off The Shoulder Tops in Place – Hey, friends, I am back with another exciting topic and it is about How To Keep Off The Shoulder Tops in Place. I love wearing off shoulder top and raise your hands if you love wearing as well. Well, as it is summer days going on off shoulders have been the latest boohoo style all these days but there is a trick wearing such dresses. Many of the women suffer from ultimate oops moment because they are unable to carry the off shoulder dresses and it ultimately falls down as you keep walking. So, this is such an embarrassing situation happening. Well, if you have bee victim of the same, follow BHB tips and you will be able to carry off the shoulder tops in place with ease.

How To Keep Off The Shoulder Tops In Place

How To Keep Off The Shoulder Tops in Place

You Need 4 pins and 2 Elastic Rubber Bands

All you need is 4 safety pins and good quality of rubber bands that stretch easily. Now cut the rubber band from the joint and take two pines. Now fix one end of a rubber band on one end of the safety pin and attach the other end of a rubber band to the another end of a safety pin. Now repeat doing this with another set of pin and rubber band as well. Now insert the pin towards the end of the top where your shoulders tend to fall. Insert it on both the sides and wear your top now. You will feel easy to carry the off shoulder tops because you are no more pulling them up again and again.

Using elastic bands

Using Elastic Bands

Most of the times, your off shoulder dress have elastic bands surrounded which holds down near your breast easily. But after frequently washing those clothes, the elasticity tends to get lose and lose its grip and you are no more able to wear off shoulder dresses. You should take one elastic and attach it to the corners of your dresses so that it fits your shoulder area as soon as you wear them. Replacing old and lose elastic with a new one can help to keep the off shoulder top in place.

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Tuck it with Pins

Tuck it with pins

If you think elastic is irritating and you wanted an easy solution to keep your off shoulder dress in place, you should make use of pins at both the sides of your top so that it holds the place near the shoulder. You can make use of rubber bands instead of pins to make your off shoulder top to be in place.

off shoulder tops

You can play with accessories while wearing off shoulder dress as it makes your outfit look more elegant. Talking about what to team with off shoulder tops than it should be skinny fit denim or white jeans according to the color of your top. Anything from a small chain to stylish pendant can go well with off shoulder dresses. You should generally avoid hair updo with off shoulder because it kills off the power of the outfit. Instead, try to carry one side hairdo because it looks really well if paired with big good looking earrings.

Here I have discussed How To Keep Off The Shoulder Tops in Place. Hope you find it helpful. Take care and have a great day 🙂

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