How to Get Wine Colored Hair?

Hello girls!! These days’ colored hairs are quite in fashion. People go crazy when it comes to dyeing their hair; previously it was a kind of taboo that only the grey haired people use dye to color their hair black. But the time has changed and we are stepping ahead for more independent choices. We love the colors on our hair. Well still blue, green are quite strange but burgundy has become the next choice or everyone, especially those who feel black hairs are quite boring they go for the wine colored hair. So today I will share How to Get Wine Colored Hair?

How to Get Wine Colored Hair

Now it is not very easy to dye your hair, what I mean that you can go to parlor and get your hairs dyed but you might not get the desired effects. Now why so happens, it is because you fail in the idea of what will suit you. Now let be straight and forward, who have a guts to dye their hair green, definitely this article is not for them. I am going to show you some basics which you need to know before you’re getting your hair dyed, and especially when you’re thinking of burgundy.

Burgundy is quite close to wine color, and it looks beautiful on Indians. So girls if you are planning to get your hair wine colored then keep on reading this because today I am going to tell you How to Get Wine Colored Hair?

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Tips to take Care of Colored Hair

It is not much difficult if you keep some points in your mind. Let us have a quick tip session.

If you have deep black colored hair, then be prepare for facing difficulty because it is really difficult to dye black hair into wine colored. It is so because when you will try to dye, the wine colored dye will not be of its original intense, it will more look like dark brown.

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Now what you have to do is  ⇓

  • Dye your hair first with a mehndi, and let the black hair becomes prone to the wine texture.
  • Then apply lighter shades of wine to get a perfect wine colored hair.

Go to the drug store, and you will find a large range of such brands which offer your different shades of wine. I would prefer to L’Oreal. See when you you go for coloring your black hair into wine, you need to be little careful. And if you keep the points in your mind, you will end up with a vibrant and pretty looking wine colored hair.

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Know About Hair Toner

Always remember, one must not bleach their hair. it has been suggested on many pages that you should bleach your hair if the color is not working up to the mark. This is very harmful for your hair and also you might end up looking like a blonde.

So we are Indians right, we don’t want to look like a blonde? So be careful and flaunt with beautiful wine colored hair next week. 🙂

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