How to Get Shiny Smooth Skin at Home

Every woman desires to have smooth and beautiful skin not only on the face but all over the body. Not everyone can spend big bucks at the parlors to get treatments like wrapping and body polishing done so shiny smooth skin remains a distant dream. Even due to hectic schedule and family responsibilities women are unable to take appropriate care of their body. In fact some think that waxing is enough to get satin like skin as it removes both unwanted hair as well as dead skin. However most of you must have noticed that waxing gives bumps on skin plus ingrown hair which is why waxing is not enough for beautiful skin on the body. Here are some tips to get smooth and supple body skin using simple practices in our daily life.

How to Get Shiny Smooth Skin at Home How to Get Shiny Smooth Skin at Home

  1.  Get Shiny Smooth Skin with Hair Removal

Unless the skin is free from unwanted hair it cannot be smooth. Try and be regular with waxing or epilating methods.

  • Get waxing done by a professional or do it yourself at home. Many local parlors get the whole procedure wrong and one ends up with cuts and injuries.
  • Use epilators which are a little painful yet saves on your waxing bills.
  • Say no to razors and hair removing creams. Razors damage your skin like anything while hair removing creams are made of harsh chemicals which give patchiness and irritated skin in the long run.
  • Always apply ice or after wax lotions post waxing to keep skin healthy.
  1.  Ingrown Hair

This is another milestone, in order to get beautiful skin one must get ingrown hair removed. I remove my ingrown hair using pimple popper but it is better to get it done by a specialist to keep infections at bay.

  • Ingrown hair are more like pimples so use medicated acne creams on ingrown hair to get rid of them soon.
  • Once the ingrown hair is removed a spot stays back in its remembrance. Use spot removing creams or anti- blemish creams on the spots regularly.
  • Posts waxing immediately do not step out in the skin with bare skin.
  • Also wear loose clothes to cover the waxed area.
  1. Get Shiny Smooth Skin with Proper Moisturization 

For a healthy glow on the skin moisturization is a must. Use body lotion everyday on clean and semi dry skin.

  • Pick lotions containing shea butter or vitamin E for dry skin.
  • If body lotions do not give adequate moisturization then use body butters instead.
  • The best way to get a healthy glow on skin is applying after bath oils when the skin is almost dry post bath. These oils being light get absorbed instantly and do not stain clothes too.
  • Natural oils like coconut or olive or almond oils can be applied too but they may take time in getting absorbed completely. Use a moist towel after a few minutes of having applied oils to wipe out the excess oil on skin.
  • Never step out in bare skin immediately after an oil massage.
  1. Get Shiny Smooth Skin with Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation or scrubbing is a must to get smooth and supple skin free from bumps. Make it a habit like brushing your teeth daily.

  • A day before getting waxing done scrub your skin well. This is prevention for ingrown hair.
  • After waxing wait for a two days or a little more and continue with exfoliation. Do it every two days to get rid of bumps from skin.
  • The knees and elbow should be scrubbed every day to get rid of dark skin from these areas. One can use lemon sugar scrub for these areas.
  • Be gentle with the exfoliation process and apply moisturizer immediately after it.
  • One can use body scrubs or loofah or bath gloves along with a mild body wash for the process.
  1. Sun protection

Just like our face our body skin requires sun protection too. Apply a good body mist with high spf or a hydrating sunscreen around 20 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun.

  • Invest in good anti tan products to get rid of body tan on the days you flaunt shorts or sleeveless attires.
  • Get rid of new tan as soon as possible using home remedies.
  • Use tinted lotion as makeup on hands and legs before going out in the sun.

I hope these simple ways will help you get smooth and glowing skin. Besides do drink adequate water every day and consume lots of fruits and veggies in your diet for a healthy glow from inside 🙂

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