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How To Get Rid of Yellow Nails- Many of us suffer from yellow nails or stained nails. Often they appear after we remove our nail polish. Yellow nails are quite common, but they look unpleasant and they are quite embarrassing as well. Nail polish, specially the darker shades are one of the main reasons that cause yellow nails. There are other reasons as well, such as chronic liver disease, fungal infection, smoking, poor lifestyle, excessive use of poor quality nail polish or nail polish remover etc. Yellow nails particularly become a serious problem when you want to wear a light shade of nail color, or go polish free or opt for a french manicure. Here in this post, we have listed things on How To Get Rid of Yellow Nails.

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Yellow Nails, Yellow Nails

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Yellow Nails

Baking Soda to Remove Yellow Stain from Nails

Take 2 tsp of baking soda and add some warm water to make a thick paste. After removing nail paint, apply this paste to the top of the nails and let it sit for 5-6 minutes. Rinse it off afterwards. Baking soda can have some drying effect. So, you can mix a few drops of olive oil to ensure that baking soda paste doesn’t dry out the nails. This is a simple and easy way to get rid of yellow nails.

Apple Cider Vinegar Solution to Treat Yellow Nails

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy to get rid of yellow nails, specially if it is caused by fungal infection. ACD contains acetic acid and malic acid which treat nail discoloration. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep the nails free from infection. Combine one cup each of apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water. Soak the hands in the solution for about 20 minutes and then, wash the hands with cold water. Pat dry and apply some olive oil to the nails and the surrounding area. Repeating this treatment twice a day helps to get faster result.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Nails at Home, Yellow Nails

Mouthwash Remedy for Yellow Nails

We all have at least one bottle of mouthwash in the bathroom. Mouthwash is a great natural remedy to treat yellow nails caused by any infection. Take some mouthwash, just enough to soak your nails. Mouthwash contains alcohol which kills bacteria and germs and thus, remove yellow stains from the nails.

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Lemon and Glycerin Mixture to Get Rid of Yellow Nails

Mix equal quantities of glycerin and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Remove the nail polish and buff your nails. Then, coat your nails with this mixture and let it sit on the nails for about 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Lemon juice has bleaching properties that reduces the yellow stains from the nails. Glycerin is a great natural moisturizer that moisturizes the nails and make them shiny. Using this home remedy to get rid of yellow nails every night would help you get desired result sooner.

Best DIY to Get Rid of Yellow Nails, Yellow Nails

Tea Tree Oil Treatment for Yellow Nails

If yellow nails are caused by any fungus-related infection, then this tea tree oil treatment is very effective. You can use pure tea tree oil on the nails and then rinse it off after few minutes. Alternatively, you can mix equal amount of olive oil and tea tree oil and apply this on the nails with a cotton ball. Repeat this twice a day until you notice any improvement. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide. Additionally, it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that effectively treat yellow stained nails and restore the natural color of nails.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Yellow Nails, Yellow Nails

These were my 5 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Yellow Nails. All these treatments are safe, effective and produce awesome results. But like every other natural solutions, these ones will also take time to show results. So, you have to wait patiently, but the result will be worth the wait for sure. Tell us in the comments below which of these remedy helped you. 🙂

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