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Hello all 🙂 I am Vandana from Delhi, just wanted to know How to get Luscious Hair in Winter ? , so please suggest me any hair mask or any hair care routine for my hairs.
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How to get Luscious Hair in Winter - Ask BeautifulHameshaBlog

Hi Vandana 🙂

We all know A good hair care routine is a must during the winter months.  Lack of moisture in the air coupled with decreased humidity and pollution makes hair damage. To regain the nourished and glossy look of your hair, try this mask and hair care routine 

Castor oil and honey pack – You will need one tablespoon honey, two tablespoon castor oil (easily available in chemist and very reasonable too) and one egg. Mix them and apply to hair. Leave on for about an hour, then shampoo.

Regular do oiling with good alternative oil like

Do you know any tips and packs girls which can help Vandana plz share with her and all readers ?

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  1. I would suggest a remedy I use myself. use a mix of castor oil and olive oil in the ratio 1:2 . warm it up and massage it in the roots. keep it overnight and wash next day with a mild shampoo. castor oil will strengthen the hair and olive oil makes hair smooth and shiny. hope it will help u

  2. Hi Vandana! olive oil can do wonders to dry hair so Figarro olive oil works amazingly. Apart from that you can make your own hair oil by mixing almond oil and olive oil in equal parts and half amount of castor oil in it, plus a vitamin E capsule. Leave it overnight and wash off next day. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Oiling with any hair oil works wonders. I mix olive, almond and coconut oil and warm it up. Leave it overnight! Works amazingly 🙂

  4. I guess you got enough tips on, I would not repeat them. I would suggest apply yoghurt for one hour prior to shampoo and also, you can try Himalaya Protein hair cream. It has been reviewed on our blog and gives quick fix alternative to oiling also. .. Hope it helps 🙂

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