How to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

Almost every second woman in our country desires to look fair and beautiful. Earlier the women with royal blood would bathe in milk with rose petals added to it and get ubtans done to get a clear complexion. Even today while a mother is awaiting the delivery of her child she is given to drink lots of milk with saffron and turmeric for a fair and healthy baby. Everyone does it their own way and busy women get professional help for a brighter complexion. Here are some tips to get fair complexion in a short period of time.

How to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of TimeHow to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

  1. Blood Purifier to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

Every woman has to consume blood purifier medicine at least once in their lives whether it is for acne and skin related problems for gynaec issues. Blood purifiers help in proper digestion, keep your liver healthy and keep a check on your weight too. Thus once the stomach related problems are sorted the complexion clears out and the acne, uneven and patchy complexion is shown the door.

  • There are various blood purifiers available in the market. I found Safi and Baidhyanath Surakta work best for me.
  • One must consult with a doctor before consuming any blood purifying medicine to make sure that the person is not allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • If purifiers are not your choice then include bitter eatables like bitter gourd juice or neem in your diet. Make paste of neem leaves and add a pinch of turmeric and consume this in empty stomach.
  • When your system works fine and there is no accumulation of toxins in the body the surface of the skin is completely free from impurities which is reflected in the even skin tone.
  1. Detoxifying drinks to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

When we are talking of impurities in our system which obstructs a bright complexion then how can we overlook detoxifying recipes. Start your day while sipping these tasty drinks and see how beautifully the skin clears out in a short period of time. Read our lovely Kiran’s post on detoxifying drinks 🙂

  • The ingredients used in such drinks help the body flush out the toxins with ease and do not let acne pimples like issues erupt at all.
  • Another commonly used detoxifying drink is lemon plus honey. Put half a juice of lemon in a glass of warm water. Add a little honey. This flushes out toxins from the body when consumed in empty stomach.
  • Even fresh aloe vera juice consumed in empty stomach is a great alternative.
  1. Skin Care routine to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

A regular cleansing toning and moisturizing routine is inevitable for a fair and bright complexion. Choose a mild cleanser as per your skin type and never skip your toner especially if you have oily skin. It balances the greasiness of your face and you skin remains oil free for long. On the other hand oil attracts dirt and dust to your face and it looks darker than actual skin tone.

  • At least scrub your face twice a week to get rid of the layer of dead skin. Once these impurities are removed the surface of the skin looks brighter than before.
  • Sun protection is a must for every person before going outdoors. Layer your skin with a generous amount to avoid getting tanned.
  • If your schedule needs you to stay out under the sun for long then pick a natural tan removing face masks and use it often.
  • Use professional moisturizers which claim to brighten complexion. Or pick moisturizers which contain extracts of saffron, liquor ice and other natural ingredients.
  1. De-tan facial to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

Most of us visit parlors to get facials done whether on a regular basis or during occasions. If possible get facial or skin polishing done which claims to remove sun tan in case of stubborn tan on any part of the body.

  • Anti tan facials need to be done on a regular basis to get desired results. Discuss the number of settings required to get tan free skin.
  • Such treatments usually require use of bleach so make sure it is tested on your skin prior to full bleaching treatment.
  • One can also use tan removing ingredients in a face pack and use it while doing a facial at home.
  • Mix besan and milk to get a paste like consistency. Add a pinch of turmeric and apply it on your face until it is semi dry. Next wash it off like a scrub. This removes everyday tan naturally.
  • Tanning is easy to remove when its new so make sure to remove tan in short intervals to prevent it from becoming stubborn tan.
  1. Home recipes and ubtans to to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

There are endless recipes available with our grannies and of course around the web which helps get rid of tan and sun damage naturally. While looking for such recipes make sure they contain ingredients like saffron, malai, milk, curd, tomato, lemon, multani mitti etc.

  • On normal to dry skin apply a little malai on the skin. After some time massage the malai gently using circular motion. Do this every day before bath. This brightens up complexion, makes skin baby soft and adds glow too.
  • Oily skinned beauties can apply sandalwood and multani mitti face packs to soak up the excess oil and keep acne at bay. The simplest face packs are sandalwood powder or multani mitti with rose water. It also keeps pimples at bay.
  • Combination skinned beauties can apply curd daily before bath and wash off after sometime for a brighter complexion.
  1. Anti- Blemish and spot removing creams to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

Dark spots that pimples leave behind plus pigmentation are other obstacles on the way of achieving fair complexion. Woman whose skin are not prone to breakouts are considered lucky as simple home remedies and blood purifiers easily remove the acne marks. However severe acne and pimple problems do leave behind ugly marks which need to be removed to get an even look. Pick blemish removing face packs and spot correcting creams to get rid of the marks soon.

  • Never pop pimples with nails. This makes the after mark stubborn.
  • Do not scrub the pimple affected skin until it dries up.
  • Apply a little toothpaste on the breakouts to dry up the acne in a jiffy.
  • Most importantly trace out the root cause of acne. If it is oily skin then avoid junk and oily foods while if it is your new cream or makeup then discard it soon. Choosing products not meant for your skin can cause breakouts.
  • Never sleep with makeup on. It is the root cause of breakouts and wrinkled skin.
  • Acne and pigmentation like issues may also be a result of irregular menses or hormonal changes. See a doctor soon before this kind of problem becomes serious.
  1. Chemical Peeling and other beauty treatments to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time

Chemical peels are effective in repairing the damage created by the ultra violet rays of the sun. Tanning and sunburn are two major enemies of clear complexion. There are a variety of chemical peels available from mild vegetable peels to stronger ones. The chemicals used in the peeling process consist of harsh chemicals which melt the skin and in order to form new skin while healing the complexion gets renewed. This is a costly affair plus the redness on the skin may look scary. Make sure to visit an expert

  • One needs to seek the help of an expert dermatologist to get exact recommendation on the type of peel the skin needs.
  • Until a certain age peels are usually not advisable. If you are in your late 20s you may consult an expert derma.
  • Peels are harsh so people with super sensitive skin either stay away or follow all possible precautions for the best results.
  • There are many other beauty treatments available at the salons which can give you a brighter complexion. Just make sure that you visit a reputed salon and discuss thoroughly with the doctor before undertaking any treatment.

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Lastly one must not forget the role played by yoga and exercise plus a balanced diet in retaining our overall beauty. Hope you like our tips on How to Get Fair Complexion in a Short Period of Time and get your desired complexion soon 🙂

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