How to Get Double Ponytail

Hey friends!! We love tying ponytail, don’t we? It looks damn smart and the best part is that this hairstyle is perfect for work, college and party as well. We love to flaunt a fluffy and bouncy ponytail. But it really breaks our heart to see our ponytail getting thinner due to hair loss majorly. And our ponytail doesn’t look so nice without that volume!! Today I am going to tell you How to Get Double Ponytail. It is like an instant makeover for our hair! Double ponytail gives a bouncy and fluffy look to your hair.So quickly check out How to Get Double Ponytail.

How to Get Double Ponytail

You only need two hair bands for this double ponytail. It is very easy to do and make you look smart and beautiful. Follow these four steps and get a different look with this Double Ponytail.

How to Get Double Ponytail, easy hairstyle

  • Take two bands and comb your hair neatly. Remove all the tangles from your hair. You can use some hair cream on your hair to make it shiny.
  • Divide your hair in two sections. One in front and another on back.
  • Make a ponytail with your back hair and tie a small band. After this, comb your front hair.
  • Make a second ponytail with your front hair and tie a band. Here you have your Double Ponytail
  • The two ponytails should be neat and close to each other. It makes a great illusion for everyone.

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How to Get Double Ponytail, hairstyle for thin hair

This hair style make you look good and fashionable. No one can see your lower ponytail because the upper ponytail hides your lower ponytail. It gives a different look to your hair. You can carry this hairstyle anywhere. This is a nice little trick to hide your thin hair and instead make them as gorgeous as you would like it to be. That’s it for now, have a nice day 🙂

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