How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home

Hey girls! Today I am going to share a very important and must to do post How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home. Tell me girls have you touched any baby recently? Do you remember how it feels when you touch them? Yeah I do remember it feels like OH MY GOD!! So soft and supple, no? But with ages these super soft skin get tanned. Not only tanned as the year passes we start having more matured and older looking skin. What should I blame for this… who have stolen my beautiful skin.. Global warming ? Pollution? Chemical products? Well I don’t know may be mixture of all these.

How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home

Don’t you rave to have a baby like skin?? Well I do, and I have tried many things to get at least sof and supple skin, not exactly what new born have. I have tried each and every tips and tried to arrange them at one place, so that if one follows these rules, can get baby looking skin in a month or two. So let us not waste our time any more, have a look over today’s topic How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home.

Yes you do not have to fix appointments with your beautician or cosmologist, to have a baby soft skin. You just have to follow what I say and have patience to get the fruitful results.

1. Let us start with the morning routine, you must have heard about the cleansing, toning and scrubbing. Now we often treat our face with all our efforts but forget to pamper our body. Now you don’t have to give some extra attention to your body, you just have to make sure that you take bath daily.

How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home, body wash

  • Use mild body wash with no soap solution, it will protect your skin from getting mature before age. It will not only keep your skin suppose soft but also avoids signs of ageing.
  • Always scrub your body with a loofah gently in circular motion, this increase the blood circulation and also helps to remove some stubborn dirt out of your skin.
  • Do remember exfoliation is important, and one must do it at least once a week. But be careful if you have dry skin or acne prone skin. Do not exfoliate too much, as it can bring rashes to your skin.
  • Always exfoliate your under arms to reduce dark spots if any.
  • Use fluffy towel and never rub your skin harshly as it damages the new tissues and creates wrinkles.

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2. Now the next part is moisturizing, it nourishes your skin and help it to be hydrated all the day long. You can use any chemical free moisturizer according to your skin type, you can also choose Johnson’s baby lotion after all this the time to pamper your skin to make it baby soft.

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How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home, sunscreen

3. Very importantly you should never go out without sunscreen. Make it sure that you reapply it after every 3 hours ( recommended by a dermatologist)

4. Before you go to bed, clean to remove any kind of dirt from your skin apply, a thick layer of moisturizer (thin layer for acne prone and oily skin). It will help you to rejuvenate your skin overnight.

5. To keep your hands and legs soft wear socks and gloves after applying night cream, to lock the moisture.

How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home, body ubtan

6. Treat your skin with ubtan once a week. It can be homemade or whatever you like.

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7. Get facial once a month.

How to Get Baby Soft Skin at Home, olive oil

8. Try to massage your body with olive oil twice or thrice a week.

9. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated from inside

10. Eat a diet food, avoid oily and junk foods.

I would recommend you to try all these at least for a month and see the visible effects. I hope you all enjoyed this post and going to try them soon.

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