How to Get an Instant Makeover

In our everyday busy schedule which includes work, household chores, running after children at times the person we forget is ourselves. In a way we start looking dull and boring with our usual clothes and hairstyle and ultimately it leads to a sense of low self esteem. Somewhere there is a feeling that our dear ones do not find us attractive any more and the problem gets multiplied when it comes into personal relationships. Not anymore because here are some simple tips to get an instant makeover and get back that lost confidence in you. Take a look at these quick and easy tips on How to Get an Instant makeover.

How to Get an Instant Makeover

New Haircut to Get an Instant makeover

How to Get an Instant Makeover, hair cut

The first and the simplest way to get an instant makeover is to get a hair cut done. Choose from any haircut other than your usual style. If you have been wearing your hair flat then get a step or layer cut. Ask your hair stylist to give your hair something new from what you usually get done. One can also style the front hair with fringes especially if you have been always styling your hair in a pulled back ponytail.

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Styling of Existing Hair to Get an Instant makeover

How to Get an Instant Makeover, hair style

Styling of existing hair whether temporarily or permanently is another way of getting a makeover done. Though not for everyday but for a change pick up that straightner lying in your closet or tongs to give your hair a new look altogether.

  • Or if you need to flaunt that sleek and straight hair look for a few months then get your hair straightened professionally at a parlor.
  • Similarly get a smoothening treatment done if you are too stressed with rough and unruly hair.

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Getting Groomed to Get an Instant Makeover

Grooming does not just mean one has to rush to the parlor and splurge chunks of money. It can even be done by getting your eyebrows shaped to getting waxed.

How to Get an Instant Makeover, facial

  • Similarly you can do a nice facial cleanup at home and add that lost glow to your skin. Pick up any facial kit as per your skin and need. Follow the instructions on the pack.
  • Bleach your skin and bring back your fairness. Choose a bleach as per your skin type and do a patch test beforehand.
  • Take your time out and give your skin a nice polishing. Simply massage your skin with a mixture of oils from almond to olive and add any essential oil as per your choice.

Take a hot shower next and start scrubbing your body with a nice scrub. After the process apply a light body lotion and see the difference in your skin.

New Piercing or tattoo to Get an Instant Makeover


How many of you already have piercings? Do you remember when you got it done for the first time the compliments that had come flying from your friends. To keep it simple get a nose or ear piercing done and adorn a nice piece of jewellery and enjoy looking different.

How to Get an Instant Makeover, tattoo

  • This can also be done if you are interested in getting inked. Discuss with the expert for the kind of design you need and keep the hygiene of the place in mind. Post the procedure flaunt your tattoo with confidence and enjoy.

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Change of Hair color to Get an Instant Makeover

How to Get an Instant Makeover, hair color

This is another instant way of getting an adorable makeover. There are so many tempting shades to try from chocolate to wine to blonde and what not. Discuss with your stylist and pick a shade according to your complexion. Make sure you pick an ammonia free hair color to save your hair from any damage.

  • Similarly one can use color sprays or color chalks and add an instant color to any area needed.
  • Instead of getting full hair colored one can also go for highlighting and add to their makeover.

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Wear Makeup to Get an Instant Makeover

How to Get an Instant Makeover, makeup

You must be wondering how can makeup can be used for makeover as we ladies get it done almost every day. But this is not the same for ladies who are mostly in no makeup look or mineral make up. Choose from bold lip shades or get a dramatic eye makeup look for a change. You can also try smoky eye look or cat eye looks for a change.

  • If you have already been wearing a lot of makeup then turn to mineral makeup and nude shades and turn the tables around.

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Adorning High Heels to Get an Instant Makeover

How to Get an Instant Makeover, high heel

Yes you read that right as high heels can also add to your new look by correcting your posture. Flats do not do anything for your frame except making you feel comfortable to move around. Choose a stiletto as per comfort and support and wear it when you think your body posture needs an instant makeover.

Change of Wardrobe to Get an Instant makeover

How to Get an Instant Makeover, change of wardrobe

Last but not the least clothes can also add to giving you a nice makeover. If you have been adorning too much of western wear then switch to kurtas and palazzos for a change or vice versa. Similarly if you have been adorning saris then think of switching to salwar suits and so on. Choose any costume as per your body shape and comfort and rock your new look 🙂

That all I could think of ! What are your suggestions girls? Do let us know in the comments section! Stay Blessed 🙂

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