How To Get Alia Bhatt Look

If you are a Bollywood fan, then Alia Bhatt is definitely a very known name for you. Alia is a bubbly and very fresh looking talented actress. Alia is born & brought up in the famous Bhatt family of Bollywood & made her official debut as heroine with the film ‘Student Of The Year’. This film made her a superstar immediately. Before SOTY, She had appeared as child actress in many films. Though Alia is a relatively new comer in Bollywood, but her charming look & unique style statement has given her a whole new recognition. So check out my post on how to get Alia Bhatt look.

Alia Bhatt is known for her chic & trendy look and style statement. She has this unique ability to perfectly correlate her clothes, accessories and makeup & pull off the look that soon becomes our next fashion statement. She is considered to be the next fashionista of Bollywood because of her charming look and lovely collection of clothes. When it comes to makeup, Alia loves to stick to the basic. She has been spotted in many events wearing very subtle makeup and still looking very fresh and beautiful. Don’t we just love her minimalistic, fresh look? Yes! We have shared how to get Alia Bhatt look in this post. So check them out!

Alia Bhatt loves to keep her makeup pretty basic and simple. Minimalistic look is what she prefers.

Face makeup to get Alia Bhatt look :

Alia is blessed with flawless and radiant complexion. As I said earlier, she prefers minimal makeup so that it doesn’t hide her natural beauty. To get radiant and flawless face like hers, choose a matte based foundation and apply it evenly on your face. The shade of the foundation should be one tone lighter than your skin tone. Or get a good BB cream.

Give your cheeks a beautiful glow with some nude or pink shade blush. Always apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Make sure to blend the blush with your makeup perfectly for a natural look.

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Eye makeup to get Alia Bhatt look :

Alia Bhatt’s eyes always will catch your attention. She loves to highlight them. Apply a thick line of kohl on your upper and lower lash line. Or apply a thin line of eye liner on your upper lash line and for lower lash line, choose a kajal. Opt for blue eyeliners during monsoon. On a day, when you want to experiment a bit with your look, try the winged eye liner look. To get perfect eye lashes like Alia. Apply two coats of any volume increasing mascara.

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Lip makeup to get Alia Bhatt look :

Keep your lips hydrated with any of the good quality tinted lip balms. Alia loves to wear nude lips casual outings or even at work. When the situation demands otherwise, go for vibrant shades like bright red, tangerine or fuchsia pink.

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Hair styles to get Alia Bhatt look :

A good blow dry, side swept hair is what Alia loves mostly.

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Did you know..

  • Alia Bhatt had lost 16 kgs before shooting for the film ‘Student of the year’.
  • Kajal, lip balm, hair brush, a good moisturizer, chewing gum and prada perfume are the must haves in her bag.
  • She prefers drinking fresh fruit juices and lots of water for glowing, radiant skin.
  • Alia also takes supplements to keep her hair, skin and nails healthy.
  • Alia goes for regular gymming along with yoga. Ashtanga yoga is her favorite.
  • Alia brushes her hair twice a day and washes her hair thrice a week, even more in summer.
  • Alia’s daily food intake consists of egg white, vegetable, chicken, milk/curd.

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So follow these tips today and go glam like Alia! And yes, don’t forget to smile 🙂 Smile a lot (like Alia), take care and stay gorgeous!!

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  1. Nice post, i totally love Aliya…love the way how you explained everything 🙂

  2. Thank you Nausheen 🙂 Glad you like it 🙂

  3. Love you, Alia Bhatt, you are the cutest actress in Bollywood.

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