How to Find Correct Skin Type

How to Find Correct Skin Type – Hello pretty ladies. We all love our skin, and to take care of our skin we keep juggling through different products or home remedies, which vary according to different skin types. There must be so many women who religiously follow their skin care routine but could see no results! This must be because you have been following skin care regime of entirely different skin type which you thought was your skin type. So, knowing your skin type is the important first step to know how to treat your skin. Or what products to have in order to get a perfect glowing skin. Let’s see the post How to Find Correct Skin Type.

How to Find Correct Skin Type

How to Find Correct Skin Type

So, First of all just follow these steps and then I will help you categorize through what skin type you really have.

  • Remove make-up from your face, and wash your face with a gentle cleanser. It will remove all the oils & dirt from your face giving your skin a fresh new start. Do not wash your face again.
  • Now wait for around an hour, during this time your skin will come back to your natural state, which will help you identify your natural skin type. Also, try not to touch your face. Let it stay normal at room temperature.
  • Try to dab your face with a tissue paper, focusing on your T-zone, which is forehead, nose & chin area.
  • Now determine your skin type : There are basically 4 categories- normal, oily, dry & combination skin.

Normal Skin :

Normal Skin

You will get no oil on tissue paper nor you will observe any flaking skin. Congrats, you are blessed with a skin type which is not very common & it is very easy to take care of such skin type. You will find your skin supple and smooth, with barely visible pores & a radiant complexion which is the best thing we could ever have.

Oily Skin :

oily skin

You will easily notice grease on tissue. You can also observe large pores and shine. This is a very common skin type, which is often prone to breakouts. Due to excess production of sebum, this skin type appears to be dull. For this skin type you girls need to consume water in good amount. Along with water this skin needs some oils too. Yes, girls so don’t shy away from oil. Moisturize your skin with light-weight moisturizers. You need to provide your skin the moisture it needs.

Dry Skin :

Dry skin

If you have Dry skin type you will easily notice flakes of dead skin or you may feel taut. This is because your skin is not producing the adequate amount of sebum, which makes it looking dull & dry. Moisturizing the skin & keeping it hydrated is highly essential for people who fall in this group. This skin shows more visible lines, if not properly taken care of. So, hydrate the skin well with the right products.

Combination skin :

combination skin

If you have this skin type, you will notice characteristics of all the three skin types i.e. oily, dry & normal. The skin will be oily near the t zone & normal to dry everywhere else. This is most common skin type. And this can turn out to be most difficult one to handle. For combination skins also there are 2 kinds, one which is oilier than more dry and the other one which is drier than more oily. Combination skin type gets more oily in summers and humid atmosphere whereas more dry in winters. So, these people will have to switch to different products depending on the weather.

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Based on age and skin problems, our skin can be further divided into various categories. Check them out below.

Mature Skin :

Mature Skin

There is now another category of skin type for which you don’t need to perform any test, you will clearly see the signs and know when it happens. It is Mature Skin. With age, skin becomes dull, dry and more fine lines can be easily seen. The skin is not able to repair itself easily. Ageing can start anytime after your 20’s. Skin tends to be dry and dehydrated, and it needs to be nourished from outside & from inside too. You need to have a healthy diet. And anti ageing products should be in your skin care routine, so that your skin remains hydrated and is able to absorb more product.

Sensitive Skin :

Sensitive skin

It is a problem category that your skin may fall under. If you have this skin type, your face reacts easily to regular skin products. It may turn red, itchy or dry sometimes. So, choose the products specially for sensitive skin.

Acne-Prone Skin :

Acne Prone skin

It is another field category that your skin may fall under. You may have this skin type, when you have acne even when you are not a teenager. You must choose products especially for acne-prone skin.

By now, I hope you have understood How to Find Correct Skin Type. Now identify under which category your skin falls under and if you have been using wrong products all this time, just find the right products for your healthy and glowing, beautiful skin. Also, remember with course of time your skin type may change. So, keep checking your skin and & select the most appropriate products.

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