How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin

As we get older, the appearance of wrinkles on your skin is normal and you can’t stop it. But sometimes it is the reason of your carelessness and the wrong diet. At times you must have noticed that some people look older than their real age. It is the reason of not taking proper care of skin. So it is necessary to fight with the enemies of skin. Take a look at How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin.

How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin


How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin, stress

According to Dr. Chiranjiv Chabra( SKIN ALIVE), when we stress, two hormones Norepinefrin and Cortisole release in excess amount. They affect your resistance power. It can increase your blood sugar and in this way your skin’s collagen and ellastine get damaged. It decreases the skin’s power which maintains the water level in its cells. Due to these reasons fine lines and the inflammation of muscles are very normal. With the passage of time these fine lines change into wrinkles. Pimples are the result of tension and stress. To make you stay away from the stress, yoga is the best option for you.

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Wrong Diet

How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin, bad diet

Good diet and healthy habits can make you better. Bad habits can make your skin lifeless and rough. But the imbalanced diet of today’s life has destroyed everything. Include lots of fruits and veggies in your diet because they have so much anti oxidants. These anti oxidants are very important for the care of skin and it prevents the skin from getting wrinkles.

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Lack of Sleep

How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin, sleeping

Taking a good sleep is very necessary for the healthy skin. During the sleep, growth hormone releases from your body. It means during your sleep the skin goes in repairing mode. In this time all the repairing has been done.

Avoiding Sunscreen

How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin, applying sunscreen

The harmful UV Rays of sun can make wrinkles on your skin. So you should apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out in sun. If you avoid sunscreen it will make your skin tanned and damaged.

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No Exercise

How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin, exercise

Using mobiles, working on laptops for long hour can make your skin dull, because you forget about the exercise which gives natural glow to your skin. If your body is unhealthy, your skin becomes also unhealthy and damaged. That’s why for keeping yourself healthy you should exercise daily at least for 30 minutes.

So friends, here are enemies of our skin and I also tried to help on How to Fight with the Enemies of Skin.That’s all for now! Thanks for reading 🙂 Take care and see you soon!

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