How to Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice

Hi beauties! How is the weather treating you? It is continuously drizzling in Pune. Today I would like to post an interesting post about How to Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice. This post is particularly useful for college going students who are short on money and whose parents do not allow to color hair. I was one of the victims, I always wanted to color my hair while I was in college, but my mom never allowed me. Her say was why to spend money and get your hair faded and discolored and also turn them into frizzy. I wish I had access to Internet then, I would have also tried this simple DIY at home. The below listed treatments should be done on unwashed and dirty (oily) hair, as these natural oils lessens the harmful effects of lemon juice on hair. Lemon is acidic in nature and care should be taken while applying it on hair. So check out my post on How to Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice.

How to Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice

Methods Coloring Hair with Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice and Sun to Dye Your Hair

This is one of the simplest ways to color your hair at home.

How to Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice 1

  • Squeeze juice from two lemons.
  • Take a hair brush and apply this juice to strands carefully. If you want hair color globally, apply the juice to all the hair.
  • Next apply sunscreen all over your body. Now expose the hair to the sunlight.
  • This juice would act as a bleaching agent and natural hair color would eventually fade away. The results would be slow, and it would work on the natural color of the hair.If your hair is dark brown, it would turn to a lighter brown shade in the long run.
  • This process is much less harsh than the salon treatment. However, there would be some harsh effects of sun and lemon on hair. So always condition your hair after every wash. Also, indulge in weekly deep conditioning mask to tame the dryness of hair.
  • You can even use a mix of lemon juice and water for the above process, but the effects would be slower than the process using only lemon juice.

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Lemon Juice and Hair Drier to Dye Your Hair

This is another method using lemon juice to lighten the hair natural color.

How to Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice 2

  • Squeeze some lemons and take out juice.
  • Pour the juice to the spray bottle and evenly spray the juice in hair.
  • Now put on a shower cap, and blow dry hair for few minutes. Blow drying would open up the cuticles and let the lemon juice enter the cuticle layer of hair and eventually help in mild bleaching.
  • Later shampoo and condition your hair. Try to use a deep conditioner once a week.

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Notes :

  • Both the above methods require to have a deep conditioning after the process is done.
  • Do try taking strand test before trying out the whole process.
  • Keep yourself hydrated before sitting in the sunlight.
  • Do not expect overnight results.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post 🙂 Until next time..

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