How to Dress the Boho Style

Boho chic is a very trendy and ikie pikie fashion style. It is very funky style comes with colorful, traditional and trendy accessories. It looks very different and attractive. It is comfort dress for your college function and friends party. The boho style became so famous since 2005 by some England actresses. So girls, today is my topic is How to Dress the Boho Style.

How to Dress the Boho Style

Here I will tell you some easy and funky steps which can give you perfect boho style. It is best style for teenage girls. You can try this on get together parties or pool parties. This style you can pick at your date and another home parties. It become so famous by the actress Nicole Richie. In this summer try something BOHO!!! So let’s check out How to Dress the Boho Style.

Boho Outfits to Dress the Boho style

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If you want to dress like boho style, you must try some particular dresses because in a boho style you have to wear something different. You can wear floral dress, asymmetric dress, printed swing dresses. You should also try long white shirts with hot pants. You can also try some hipsters or denims which has boho type look. For a more boho style you can wear sleeveless tops with open kimonos. Kimonos are looking very sensational with sleeveless tops. You must try the tunic dress with cold sleeves or off shoulder dress with ruffle works. You can wear a maxi dress also or jump suit. If you want to become more boho you can try the denim jackets with multicolored shirts. You can wear wrinkled cotton tops with mini floral skirts.

Funky Sandals to Dress the Boho style

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You can wear normal colorful sandals which having lots of bands. You can try wild boots also. You should try the scratchy boots or ankle boots. It suits you and makes you ready for any college party. Try to look comfortable with funky sandals. You can try those sandals which have buttons or animal patterns. You can also try the flip flop sandals they are looking good with your bohemian style.

Accessories to Dress the Boho style

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If want to look boho, you should try to wear lots of funky accessories. First of you should have a funky hair bands which have some colorful stone works. You can try one earrings fashion style which is so fashionable in this time. You must wear the bangles, ankle bracelets, matinee necklaces. You can also try the earthy or woody accessories. You can also try the metal ornaments. You should wear lots of chain which have some pearl and funky works. Also use some layered necklace and wear these accessories in a mix and match style. Carry some funky bags which have many chains and pockets.

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Hair Style to dress the Boho style

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For a boho style, you have not so much worried about the hair. Just open your hair in freaky style and wear some bands give it a boho look. You should wear hair accessories for look like a boho chic. You can wear criss cross chains chunky hair bands and cotton hair clothes. You can make a top knot of your hair with Chinese stick. You can also try some hats which has attractive patterns or you can try the floppy cow boy hat.

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Makeup to Dress the Boho style

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You must clean your face before dressing for a boho look. Your face should look bright and flawless. So must use the concealer and the shimmer. You should also pick some blush-on. You must use nude colors for your lips. Take a kajal and make some lines on the eyes then smudge it with your fingers. It gives a truly funky look to your boho outfit. Use also some mascara to give a curl to your eyelashes.

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Scarves to Dress the Boho style

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You should also wear some chunky scarves. You must try the cotton scarves with floral prints or you can try chiffon scarves with lots of patterns. Scarves add a glitter to your boho look. It makes you more fashionable. These scarves are very necessary for bohemian look.

Huge Sunglasses to Dress the Boho style

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If you want some elegance to your look, you can try the huge sunglasses. You can try aviators, reflectors and cat-eye sunglasses. You can also pick some retro sunglasses also.

So guys I hope you like this topic and before dressing like boho style, you keep these tips on your mind. I am sure that it will give a superb makeover to your look and you will become the centre of attraction of your next party. So now this time is a BOHO TIME!!!!

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