How to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home

How to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home – Beautiful hands are as important as beautiful face. Skin Whitening Manicure is one of the best and effective ways to beautify our hands without spending a fortune, and another great thing about this skin whitening manicure is that you don’t even have to visit parlor for this, it can be done easily at home. Our hands are one of those body parts that get tanned easily. Apart from that, there are several other factors that cause darker skin on our hands, like dirt, pollution, accumulation of dead skin cells etc. And there is no denying the fact that we don’t take as much care of our hands as we do to beautify our face. Here in this post, you will find How to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home that will result is softer and fairer hands.

How to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home

How to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home

The first and foremost step of Skin Whitening Manicure is to remove old nail polish from the nails with the help of a nail polish remover. Then make sure that the nails are properly trimmed and filed.

Clogged pores and dirt make the skin on our hands look darker. So it is important to thoroughly cleanse our hands and remove the dead skin cells and dirt. For this, take warm water in a big bowl and add few drops of baby shampoo to it. Mix both of then well until the bubbles are formed. Now soak your hands in this solution for 5-8 minutes.

Next take a nail brush or a soft toothbrush and scrub away the dirt and dead skin cells from the fingers, nails and palms. Make sure you don’t scrub too hard as this can damage the delicate skin on our hands. Once done, clean your hands with normal water and pat dry.

Skin Whitening Manicure at Home

The 3rd step of skin whitening manicure is to make a solution of lemon juice and glycerin. Mix 1 tbsp each of glycerin and lemon juice and apply it on the hands and leave it on for 15 minutes. This is a cleansing and moisturizing mask for our hands. While you wait, take a lemon slice and rub it onto your nails. This will remove the yellow stain from the nails and strengthen them as well.

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Now its time to make a skin whitening pack for our hands. For this, we will need 1 tsp of rice flour and a small pinch of turmeric. Take these two in a clean and dry bowl and add some coconut milk and honey to it and mix well until a smooth paste like consistency is achieved. Apply it on the back of the hands as well as on the palms. Leave it on for 5 minutes. When its semi dry, wet your fingertips and start scrubbing the hands for another 3-5 minutes. Once done, wash off with normal water and pat dry. This skin whitening pack or scrub is very effective in removing stubborn tan, darkness, pigmentation and black patches from the hands. Also it hydrates and nourishes the skin on our hands, prevents wrinkles and gives plumper, softer and fairer hands instantly.

Steps to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home

Finally apply few drops of almond oil or vitamin E oil (or mix both of them) on the hands for proper moisturization. You can also use any other moisturizer or hand cream to massage the hands. Remember to massage for at least 3-5 minutes as this will improve blood circulation and give plump, younger looking hands.

Easy ways to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home

So this was How to do Skin Whitening Manicure at Home for you. Do this once a week or at least once in every 15 days to get fairer, softer and glowing hands. Do try this at home and you will be amazed by its instant result.

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