How To Do Shimmery Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most expressive parts of our face. Eyes play a major role in our makeup as well. It is always important to give attention to our eye makeup because most of the times our eyes do the talking. No matter how much blush, lipstick you put on, if your eyes are not properly done, it doesn’t look good. On the other hand, makeup experts often choose to highlight the eye makeup and keep the makeup for rest of the face very subtle. So its important to give more attention to our eye makeup to enhance our overall look. So let’s check out my post on how to do shimmery eye makeup.
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How To Do Shimmery Eye Makeup

No makeup can be complete without properly done eyes. These days various types of eye makeup are in fashion, like smokey eyes, shimmery eyes etc. Shimmery eyes looks really beautiful. But most of us don’t feel confident enough when it comes to do shimmery eye makeup. We often get confused over how much eye shadow should be applied or which shade would suit my complexion etc. Shimmery eye makeup is great for evening parties or girls’ night outs. You can also apply this during daytime, but it should be on the subtle side. If you want to let your eyes do the talking at any party or night outs, shimmery eye makeup is best for you. So read on to know, how to do shimmery eye makeup.

Step By Step Guide on How to do Shimmery Eye Makeup 

  • The first step is to apply a foundation. Use a matte foundation so that your face including your eye area doesn’t look too shiny. Since you are doing shimmery eye makeup, so the focus should be on your eyes.
  • Once you are done with applying foundation, take a flat eye shadow brush and apply a light colored shimmery eye shadow over your entire eyelid. This should work as the base shadow.
  • Now apply some shimmery bronze eye shadow  over that base shadow. You can apply shimmery eye shadows in pink, blue, green, silver etc. But Bronze is best if you aren’t sure which color would suit your complexion.
  • Blend some black and deep brown eye shadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eyes for a more dramatic look.
  • Complete your sexy eye look with some black liner and mascara.
  • When you are doing shimmery eye makeup, keep your lip makeup subtle and let your eyes do the talking.
  • And never go overboard while applying shimmer. Less is more.

If you want to create a smokey shimmery look, then apply the base shadow till the centre of the eyelid and start applying the bronze eye shadow from the point where the base shadow has ended.

shimmery eye makeup

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Check out some of the shimmery shades that you can choose depending upon your skin tone


Copper : This is a great color for those who has slightly tanned skin. You can even create a super sexy smokey eye makeup with bronze eye shadow and shimmery liner.

Dark silver : If you have fair complexion, choose dark silver shimmery eye shadow.

Light silver : This shade is for dusky divas. If you are going out in the evening, just intensify your makeup by applying a lot of light silver shimmery eye shadow.

Rose gold : This shade suits all skin types. The light pinkish tint of this shadow gives a fresh look. For dramatic effect, combine it with a richer shade like plum.

Shimmery eye makeup is currently one of the hottest makeup trends. And it’s not that difficult to do. With these simple tips, you can easily create a super stylish shimmery eye makeup that is bound to turn heads wherever you go.

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