How To Do Natural Makeup Look

Hello all pretty ladies; here I have made an effort to introduce you all to a very new and a natural looking concept of makeup. As the name itself suggest you all that this makeup tutorial is all about looking naturally beautiful, now the question arises here is that how can looking natural be done by make up? The answer is looking natural is the most simplest form of one’s beauty you do not need to do much of the task, as mostly girls have pimples, dark spots, lines, etc on their face, which always creates a problem in their routine look and doing heavy makeup everyday spoils your look, personality, and many other side factors. So, let’s check How To Do Natural Makeup Look.
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natural makeup look

You need:

Step 1:

  • Clean your face, scrub it or apply face masks to remove off any previous makeup.
  • You may also use a makeup remover or water on a cotton ball
  • Moisturize your face with suitable products.
  • Use exfoliating products if you have skin problems like spots/blackheads,
  • Use an oil free lotion otherwise it may make your make up look bad afterwards.

Step 2:

  • For a pure natural look, use a foundation but you can instead use a tinted moisturizer.
  • Tinted moisturizers are good in blending with the skin tone than foundations.
  • Mostly tinted moisturizer contain SPF
  • Girls with clearer skin will look best using tinted moisturizer.

Step 3:

  • Apply concealer all around your blemishes and around your eyes.
  • Apply your concealer before foundation then keep foundation to a minimal amount
  • Apply the concealer directly on the spot and not around it.
  • This is to avoid a halo effect and emphasis of the spot.
  • Beige powder can also be used instead.

Step 4:

  • Now you can apply Blush or
  • Try applying a Creme blush as it is generally better than powder one because it gives you a dewy and a shiny look and lasts longer.
  • Note that you should not apply both blush and bronzer; choose one out of them.

Step 5:

  • Now comes the interesting part, line your upper lash line with a brown, black or gray pencil.
  • Applying eyeliner is optional as it looks a little less natural than an eye with just mascara
  • Line your eyes with a roasted-colored gel if you want to try something new to your look.

Step 6:

  • Apply mascara.
  • You can also curl your lashes.
  • By curling your eyelashes will give your eyes a big appearance than before your whole look will look fresher.

Step 7:

  • For a natural lip color apply a sheer nude lip color or use a color that’s close to your natural lip color
  • Dab a tiny amount of the shimmering blush onto the center of your lips. (Optional)
  • And you are ready!

Here is some natural makeup look of Kiran 🙂 Sry for picture quality Because its mobile clicks

my natural makeup look


  1. As this is the natural look makeup be careful not to overdo it on the concealer, you only need enough to cover the spot!
  2. If you are using a foundation you will have to be careful while blending it on your face it is recommended to take your finger or a sponge dab in the foundation, and dab it on your face, always remember to go underneath your jaw line and do not stop on the edge of your face as it will show up like wearing a mask.

Hope friends you like this post 🙂

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