How to do Makeup for Passport Pictures

How do you feel when you are asked to get clicked for passport size picture? I almost get tears in my eyes, because my passport pictures come horrible, just horrible. It becomes tough even for me to recognize myself! And I know, most of you face this same issue. Seems like our passport pictures are laughing at us saying ha ha, you think you are beautiful!!!! Once in a while, we need our passport pictures, but still when we look at it, it almost wipes the smile off our face! But with few simple makeup tricks, you can manage to look beautiful even in your passport picture. So lets check out this article on?How to do Makeup for Passport Pictures.

How To Do Makeup For Passport Pictures

Few years ago, I had done a hospitality course and there I had to click a few passport pictures with makeup on and trust me, they turned out so beautiful that I still use them for official purpose (printing and re-printing, lol) so its really important to know how to do Makeup for Passport Pictures. Those photos made me realize that how a touch of makeup can change our entire appearance! But that makeup was done by a professional makeup artist. Now you cant go to a makeup artist every time before getting clicked for passport pictures! So what to do? Dont go into pieces, this post named how to do Makeup for Passport Pictures?will sort you out! Scroll down below to know How to do Makeup for Passport Pictures.

The makeup that we should do before clicking passport pictures neither should be too loud, nor too dull. The trick is to keep it natural while highlighting the natural features.

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  • Apply a light stroke of concealer to hide your imperfections.
  • Dont overdo your foundation. Apply dots of foundation all over your face and blend it with light hands.
  • While applying foundation, dont forget your neck area. Otherwise, your dual skin tone will feature prominently in the photograph.
  • Dust some translucent powder to set your base properly. Give special attention on areas like forehead, chin, nose etc as this areas gets oily soon and then it will make you look little weird in the picture.
  • Coming to the eye makeup, keep it minimal and decent. Line your upper lash line with a kohl or eye liner and apply kajal to the lower lash line.
  • For lip makeup, avoid wearing vibrant lip colors as it might end up looking ugly in the photograph. Go with nude or light pink shades.
  • Be comfortable when you are getting clicked for the photograph. Dont get too stiff.
  • Wear a smile.

passport photo makeup; How to do Makeup for Passport Pictures

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So friends, these are few tips that will definitely make you look good in your passport pictures. Hope you liked my post. Dont forget to share your views below 🙂

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  1. This post is right on time! I have to get them clicked soon. Last time the photographer had to fix my face with photoshop because I had used foundation incorrectly 🙁 it was actually embarrassing. Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep them in mind!

  2. Those are some great tips, thanks for sharing dear.

  3. Great tips…i have never wore makeup for passport photo just kajal..but now i will…

  4. wow so useful tips 🙂 I will keep in mind all tips for my next passport picture click visit

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