How to do Makeup for Marriage Party

How to do Makeup for Marriage Party – Wedding season is going on and all of us are getting lots of marriage party invitations. So here I will tell you How to do Makeup for Marriage Party. Indian weddings are best excuses ever for a girl to dress up! Everyone wants to put their best look forward in the party and look SIMPLY GORGEOUS! And so most of us visit a parlor to get our makeup done. But not every time it becomes possible to go to a parlor and get dolled up. However, the good news  you can do gorgeous makeup for marriage party easily at home too. We often get confused what should be an ideal makeup – heavy eye makeup or heavy lip makeup. And how to put everything together.. Check out How to do Makeup for Marriage Party below and keep these tips handy 🙂

How to do Makeup for Marriage Party

How to do Makeup for Marriage Party

The first step is to clean the face thoroughly with a face wash and then apply your favorite moisturizer. This will keep your face soft and supple and makeup will look even better.

The next step is to apply primer. This is a very important step. Primer will make your makeup stay longer. Also it will hide your open pores and improve your skin texture for a flawless looking makeup.

Then we will apply concealer. Make sure you choose concealer according to your skin tone, it shouldn’t be too white or too dark. Apply concealer on the spots and scars as well as on your under eye dark circles and don’t forget to blend well.

Steps to do Makeup for Marriage Party

Next is foundation. Foundation can be chosen according to individual preference. But keep in mind your skin tone and since it is a Makeup for Marriage Party, its better to go for a heavy coverage as that will give you a dazzling, flawless look.

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Now we will move onto eye makeup. This is very important for a marriage party makeup. First fill your brows with an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow. Then choose your eye shadow according to your saree or outfit color. If you don’t want to apply eye shadow, go for the colored eyeliners which are very much in trend these days. Then apply lots of kajal to get a bold, sexy look and finally finish your eye makeup with 2-3 generous coats of mascara on both your upper and lower lashes. Choose a waterproof mascara.

Tips to do Makeup for Marriage Party

Next comes lip makeup. Choose a lipstick that matches your outfit or go a bright shade like dark red or dark pink. If you don’t want to apply lipstick, go for a lip gloss. But make sure to moisturize your lips beforehand with a lip balm. This will keep your lips soft, supple and make your lipstick last long.

Easy Tips to do Makeup for Marriage Party

How to do Wedding Party Makeup

Finally, I will suggest you to apply some blush on your cheeks. This will give a nice bounce to your cheeks and make your makeup look fresh and more beautiful.

So these were some easy tips on How to do Makeup for Marriage Party. I hope you found the post helpful. Stay tuned for more such posts 🙂

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