How to Do Hair Spa at Home Using Natural Ingredients

Hey girls, how are you all doing? I am sure that, every girl wants to have hair that looks beautiful and lustrous but then everything that looks good needs maintenance. Your hair also need some tender love and care to look healthy and stay free from problems. We often ignore our tresses and then expect them to be healthy. If you want to have beautiful looking hair then you must switch to natural hair care ingredients as chemicals do more damage to your hair than good. Let us read below about hair care, hair spa and how to do it using natural ingredients.
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How to Do Hair Spa at Home Using Natural Ingredients

Hair spa is a hair treatment session that typically takes 40 to 45 minutes to complete and aims at repairing and undoing the damage that your hair goes through as a result of day to day exposure to sun, pollution, dust and use of chemical laden products each day. A hair spa session at a salon or at home is very much capable of infusing life back into your hair and make them look healthier and shiny. Hair spa solves many hair troubles related to malnourished- dull looking hair, brittle hair and hair with split ends.

Read below about the various steps that you can follow at home.

  1. The first step of doing hair spa at home is massaging your scalp with nourishing oil. The choice of oil is your own. Out of my personal experience, I find olive oil the best as it is not very thick in texture and penetrates hair strands easily. You may also go for coconut oil or Almond oil.
  1. Allow the oil to get absorbed in the roots of your hair. You need to let the hair oil stay for at least 2 hours so that it can nourish the scalp properly. You may help in the absorption of oil in your hair by wrapping a towel dipped and then wrung in warm water. The heat from the towel compress would allow the oils to seep in deep in your hair strands. After this treatment, you would notice that your hair gets much manageable and less frizzy.
  1. After you feel that the oil has absorbed properly. You may give your hair a pre shampoo nourishment to your hair strands by using any one of the following hair mask recipes.
  • Prepare a simple hair mask by mixing equal quantities of mashed banana and honey together. This hair pack helps in giving you baby soft, shiny hair and also helps in reducing the problem of split ends also.
  • Alternatively, you prepare a nourishing hair mask by adding some olive oil to egg white and use this hair mask for half an hour for smooth and shiny hair locks.
  • Another simple hair mask recipe to give your hair an instant boost of shine and colour is my mixing coffee grounds with milk powder and warm water to make a smooth paste.
  1. Wash your hair a hair wash with a mild shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. As a last rinse, use juice of half a lemon and apple cider vinegar diluted in cool water. Then follow with a conditioner that suits your hair. Apply the conditioner on the lengths of your hair and not the scalp. Let it stay for 3 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

You can even prepare a hair conditioner at home by simply boiling some tea leaves in water and using this water to rinse your hair after it has cooled down. A great leave in conditioner can be prepared by adding a few drops of olive oil to coconut water. This can be sprayed on moist hair strands to lock in the moisture. This works great as a chemical free leave in hair hydration therapy.

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So, girls tell me was not it really easy to do hair spa at home? I am sure, you would love to give this hair spa a try and follow a proper hair care regimen , now on. Do follow these steps once a week, on weekends to maintain the texture and quality of your hair.

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