How To Do Gold Facial At Home

We all crave for glowing, beautiful skin. And for that it is very important to take proper care of our skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing form the basic part of our daily skin care routine. Apart from that, a facial once in a month is a must for younger looking, healthy, beautiful skin. Facial provides a thorough cleansing of our face. Facial deep cleanses our pores, removes whiteheads, blackheads, de-toxifies our skin from all the impurities, even out our skin tone making our skin smooth and spot free. Facial increases the blood circulation under our skin, which in turn facilitate cell renewal process and slow down the ageing process. Moreover, facial allows us to feel relaxed and pampered. So check out my post on how to do gold facial at home.

how to do gold facial at home

How To Do Gold Facial At Home

Gold facial is one of the most preferred type of facial because it can be done on any skin types, be it oily, dry or normal. Gold facial de-toxifies and rejuvenate our skin. One of the biggest advantages of gold facial is that it repairs sun damage and brighten up our skin. Gold facial’s anti-bacterial properties helps to keep acne and blemishes at bay. The anti-ageing properties of gold facial reduce wrinkles, fine lines and maintain skin elasticity. Therefore, gold facial is extremely beneficial for skin. If you go to a parlor for a gold facial, you will be charged very high. But gold facial can also be done at home very easily. Here we have discussed how to do gold facial at home.

Step 1 : Get a gold facial kit 

The first step is to get a gold facial kit. Lots of such kits are available today in the market, but get one from a reputed brand, as it ensures no damage will be done to your skin. The kit usually contains gold cleanser, gold facial scrub, gold cream/gel and gold facial mask.

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Step 3 : Prepping the face 

Take some cleansing milk and massage on your face and neck for around 5 minutes. Wipe off the extra milk with a piece of wet cotton. Now take steam for 10 minutes to reduce the dryness and cleanse the pores from dirt and oil.

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Step 4 : Apply the gold cleanser 

Take sufficient amount of gold cleanser and massage it gently on face and neck for 5 minutes. Rinse off with luke warm water and pat dry your face with a soft towel.

Step 5 : Use the gold scrub 

Now is the time to use the gold scrub. Again take necessary amount of gold scrub and apply it on the face and neck. With your fingertips massage gently in circular motion. Keep it for 30 seconds to one minute and wash off. Pat dry your face.

Step 6 : Apply the gold cream 

Take out the gold cream (or gel, whichever you got in your kit). Gold cream is made of gold foil, gold dust, honey, saffron, wheat germ oil, aloe vera and sandalwood. Apply the gold cream on your face and neck, massaging upwards. Allow the cream to get absorbed by your skin. Now wipe off your face and neck with a wet cloth.

Step 7 : Apply the gold mask 

Now is the time to apply the gold mask that comes in the kit. This gold mask is made of turmeric, aloe vera and gold foil. Apply the mask evenly on the face and neck and allow it to dry completely. Once the mask is completely dry, remove it slowly by massaging with wet fingertips. Splash some cold water on the face afterwards and pat dry.

Step 8 : Moisturizing 

Apply your favorite moisturizer on your face and neck. That’s it, your gold facial is complete and you will notice a beautiful glow on your skin.

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With the above mentioned steps, now you can easily get your gold facial done at home. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your gold facial kit and flaunt your beautiful, glowing skin.

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