How To Do French Manicure At Home

Like the rest of our body parts, nails also need to feel pampered and look nice. The best way to take care of our nails is manicure. Manicure takes complete care of nails, starting from trimming, shaping, massaging and applying nail polish. The word manicure has been derived from the French word ‘manucure’, which means ‘care of the hands’. Today French manicure is the most popular type of manicure. French manicure looks very elegant. French manicure is not that difficult to do by yourself either. Check out my post on how to do French manicure at home.
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how to do french manicure at home

French manicure gives our nails a chic and polished look. French manicure is normally characterized by pale pink nails and white tip. French manicure, if done properly looks very sophisticated and that’s why almost every girl loves it. French manicure looks great with any outfit and can be done on any occasion. It always looks very feminine. The best part of French manicure is that it resembles our natural nails and still looks beautiful. French manicure can be done in any salon today. And it feels great to sit back & relax while someone else does our nails. But we don’t always have time to schedule an appointment. Also French manicure is quite expensive. With few easy steps, French manicure can also be done at home. Let’s read on to know how to do French manicure at home.

Step by step French Manicure Guide 

nail polish removing

1. Take some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and take off all your old nail polish. Make sure to remove all the traces from every corner.

nail trimming

2. Trim your nails. French manicure looks best on longer nails, so don’t cut them too short. Make sure all your nails are of same length.

nail shaping

3. Use a filer to shape your nails. Either go for square or round shape. A slightly curvy shape looks great with French manicure. Buff the surface of the nail with a nail buffer.

nail soak

4. Take a bowl of warm water and add few drops of olive oil or almond oil or whole milk to it. This is your nail soak. Dip your nails in the water and soak them for 3-5 minutes. This will soften the cuticles.

cuticle pushing

5. Take out your hands and pat dry. Use a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick to push back your cuticles and use the other end of the stick to take out any dirt from underneath the nails. Also massage some cuticle oil into the nails.

base coat

6. Next apply base coat. Usually clear, pale pink or light cream base coat is used for French manicure. If you are using a clear base coat, you can top it off with a pale pink or light cream base color. Let it dry completely.

tip guide

7. Once the base color dries completely, put the cresent shaped French manicure tip guides below the white part of your nails. Ideally the French manicure tip guides should be placed just below the tips of the nails to ensure the tip paint can be done without any mess.

white nail polish

8. Now paint your nail tips with a white nail polish. While the nail polish is still wet, remove those tip guards. Wait till the white paint dries.

French Manicure at home

9. Take some nail polish remover on a Q-tip and clean up the surrounding area of the nails. Apply top coat to protect your freshly painted nails. That’s it. Your French manicure is done!

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So, now you know that French manicure is quite easy to do at home. With some practice and patience, you can enjoy this beautiful French manicure anytime you want.

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