How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps

You must be wondering how is baking and cooking related to makeup. Internationally this look of baking up your face makeup is extremely popular. Most celebrities prefer following this kind of makeup to brighten up their face instantly. Baked makeup look is great for events where heavy makeup can be opted for like prom parties or marriage as it is a great way of standing out in the crowd. In order to look radiant and glowing create your baked look and rock the event. So here’s How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps.

How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps

Apply Eye Cream to do Bake Makeup

How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps 1

The first step is to nourish your under eye area will a nice eye cream. As we know under eyes contain fine lines which unless filled up using a nice product does not look pleasant. Better choose an easily absorbing under eye cream around the whole eye cream and gently massage the skin with your fingers. If you do not have a light textured cream then after applying the eye cream soak up the excess with a tissue and proceed to step two. Take a quick look at this How to apply Eye Cream Video

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Prepare your face to do Bake Makeup

How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps 2

Preparing your face means applying a light moisturizer on your face and follow with up with your regular foundation. Make sure that your moisturizer is not so oily that it does not let make up sit on your face for longer. Blend in the foundation for a smooth and flawless finish. You may use a foundation brush or sponge or simply the tips of your fingers.

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Concealer to do Bake Makeup

How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps 3

The third and the most important part is the concealer. Usually we use concealer to cover up the dark spots and under eye darkness but the trick here is to use it on the whole face. Apply a concealer as per your skin tone all over starting from the hairline to the cheekbones, chin etc and focus on the under eye area. While applying the concelaer starting from the apples of your cheeks and go up towards the under eye skin and blend it well with your make up sponge. Keep blending it till it looks completely flawless.

  • After a min or so follow up with a second coat of applying concealer over the same places. And proceed to step three.
  • Avoid the second coat of concealer if you have super oily skin or you do not want heavy coverage.

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Loose Powder to do Bake Makeup

How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps 4

Pick any translucent make up powder as per your choice and apply it concentrating on your under eye area. Apply a even layer using a fluffy makeup brush and relax for the next ten minutes. Your skin being layered with so many products will start exuding heat which along with the powder will bake up your makeup.

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You are baked

How to Do Bake Makeup in Five Steps 5

After ten minutes using a wedge sponge remove the layer of translucent powder. If possible wet the sponge with makeup setting spray or a facial mist before using. Now follow up with a powder foundation if you skipped the foundation in step 2. Lock your makeup look with a facial mist or a makeup fixing spray and you are done.

Just look at the radiance on your face that’s all the baking you did. You are definitely gonna rock in all the pictures of today’s party. Do try it at home and let us know how it fared 🙂

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