How to do Baby Face Make Up

Makeup is our best friend. Makeup helps to hide our flaws and imperfections and make us look good. When you look good, you feel good. So in a way, makeup makes us feel good. But we don’t always do the same makeup. Do we? We have our office look and then our party look. We opt for natural makeup during day time and often choose bold makeup for night outs. Furthermore, we have our summer makeup, spring makeup and winter makeup. See, how makeup varies depending on different factors! This article talks about another new type of makeup — Baby face makeup. So check out my post on How to do Baby Face Make Up.
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How To Do Baby Face Make Up

Baby face makeup is basically natural makeup. Baby face makeup makes a young woman’s face look as pure and angelic like a baby. Baby face makeup is quite popular in countries like Korea and Thailand. The reason behind being named as ‘baby face’ makeup is that it makes you look much younger. As the name suggests, this makeup requires very few ingredients and very less time as well. So if you are in a hurry, or you don’t like to put layers of makeup, then this is the perfect makeup for you. So read on to know How to do Baby Face Make Up.

Step by Step Guide on How to do Baby Face Make Up 

  • When we are doing baby face makeup, we are trying to achieve dewy, but matte look. Start with moisturizing your face. Then apply concealer on the blemishes and scars. Blend it well with your moisturizer to give a natural look. If you have puffiness under your eyes, apply the concealer in triangles, instead of half circles.

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  • Next up, foundation. Usually we apply foundation all over our face. But while doing baby face makeup, foundation should be applied only where you are required to. So dot your foundation on the areas of your face where it’s actually needed and then blend it well. Alternatively, you can use a BB or CC cream instead of foundation. In fact, BB or CC cream help towards achieving that dewy look of a baby.

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  • Now that you are done with your base makeup, it’s time to seal the makeup with loose powder. Dust some translucent powder all over your face to achieve the matte look and to keep your makeup in place for a longer time.
  • Next, move on to your eye brows. Babies hardly have straight, thin eye brows, but yes they are neat and clean. So the trick is to keep your eye brows neat and natural. If you have thin brows, then brush your eye brows with a mascara wand for natural look. If you have thick eye brows, then keep them in neat shape with a eye brow comb. Make sure your arch should not appear too long in baby face makeup.
  • Now coming to the eye makeup. Babies do not do eye makeup because they are blessed with bright beautiful eyes. But unfortunately we aren’t anymore! So lift your eyes up with some eye makeup. Apply a light colored, natural eye shadow (that matches with your skin tone) over your eyelids. Light shimmering eye shadows would look great. Put tiny dots of brown eye shadow under your eyes (on the outer edge) and blend well. Line your upper eye lash with a dark brown pencil and then smudge it for a natural look. Curl your lashes and use a mascara that will give you the most natural looking lashes.

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  • For your cheeks, use a light pink or lavender tinted blush. Opt for powder blush. Simply dot the powder on your cheekbone and blend it well with a brush. Be careful, because, for baby face makeup, the blush should be barely there!

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  • At this point, you can use a face mist to look fresh and your skin will appear less cakey. But it’s optional, skip it if you want.
  • Finally finish off your baby face makeup with a coat of baby lips. Alternatively, you can go for very light pink or orange tint for your lips! That’s it, you are done!

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So have you tried Baby face make up yet? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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