How to Deal with Breakup

Hello ladies! Today I will talk about How to Deal with Breakup. This is one of the phases many of us go through. Some pass this breakup phase easily and others do not. Life is beautiful and if we become upset on nasty small things, it would become hopeless. If we do not taste failure, then we will never understand what success is. Similarly, to understand love and relationship, breakup comes in the cycle once in a while. There is a famous Bollywood movie dialogue: if you, love someone, set it free, if it was yours, you will get it. So, if you are dealing with breakup and very upset and can’t concentrate on anything, then here is a guide on how to deal with breakup. It will help you come out of the shell. These are tried and tested methods and sure to work out. So lets check out How to Deal with Breakup.

How to Deal with Breakup

Travel to Deal with Breakup

Travel to Deal with Breakup

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World is so big, and Indians have even reached mars. So why spend time crying after breakup. Go and buy a world map, mark places and visit them. Life is too short to cover each and every place. If you are short on budget or student getting small amount of pocket money, buy a city map, and travel one place every weekend. Travelling is one of the best medicines to heal a broken heart after breakup. Nature is beautiful, go and find solace in it.

Join Hobby Class to Deal with Breakup

After breakup, lot of money is saved since no more calls, no more gifts and no more pampering. This is great, you end up with lot of free time. Utilize this free time, to join hobby class. Learn salsa, aerobics, or may be even some harmonium classes.

Go for a Make Over to Deal with Breakup

Get a makeover to Deal with Breakup

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This is one of the best thing you can do to yourself. Spend the money which is saved on yourself. Go shopping, change your wardrobe. You have this LBD lying in your closet, but was not allowed by your ex to wear it. Come on then, now is the time, go flaunt your dresses. Cut your hair short. Tattoo was on your mind, since a long time, go and do it. Color your hair. Look a million bucks, because you don’t deserve to shed tears just because its a breakup.

Meditate to Deal with Breakup

Meditation to Deal with Breakup

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Start meditating. This would help you getting inner stability after the heart breaking breakup, and focusing on whatever you intend to do.

Spend time with family, friends or even NGO to Deal with Breakup

Spend time with friends to Deal with Breakup

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Family is always the best support. If your family is in other town or city, meet your close friends regularly. But remember, they should encourage you and not talk about your past, about your breakup. Choose your friends wisely. Else, spend time with NGOs. You will find lots of love with these old people, or orphans. Time spent here will give you lots of happiness and blessings.


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Love Yourself to Deal with Breakup

Rather than pleasing someone else who is not worth it, love yourself. Be proud of you and what you do. Pamper yourself with a spa. Go and hit the gym regularly. Love the way you are. Its not the end of the world, its just a breakup!!

No Alcohol to Deal with Breakup

Did we not grow up watching movies where after a party; you must get drunk and forget the shit out of it. Total crap!!! Please stay away from alcohol to heal your mind after breakup. Its a bad habit and rather than alcohol, spend the money on grooming yourself and get the confidence back.

No Prospects

Oh please, last but not the least, don’t start flirting with everyone around after your breakup. It does give bad impression. Know your limits and stay within your limits.

Lastly, remember, life is not about breakup and patch up. It is about the relationship and how you treat each relationship and whether its worth it. Life does not end here, instead, you can have a great beginning from here on!!

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