How to Clean Your Period Stains

Hiii girls! Once again I am back with a new post – How to Clean Your Period Stains. Periods are really a tricky time for us girls. Of course we go through a lot mentally and physically. But other than that we have also to make a lot of efforts so that it goes without much pain and hassle. Doesn’t matter how many different types of innovative sanitary napkins comes in market still you need to be cautious during periods. But still there are days when you just feel like staying carefree! You turn lazy some months and don’t want to do the ‘should do’ things. And this negligence results in Period stains. The big bright and ugly period stain on your panty is too much embarrassing. I cannot believe there is even a single girl who has not gone through the embarrassment of period stain and searching ways to clean it. All of us go through it time and again. So, here I have come up with a super easy peasy post on How to Clean Your Period Stains.

How to Clean Your Period Stains

How to Clean Fresh Period Stains

Well, this one is the easiest and not to forget the ugliest. Its the fresh one. And you can very easily remove such period stain by keeping the panty under a running tap water. Most often it goes just by keeping. Else you can also try rinsing a bit there only under the water. This way the period stain will go. But if it is too large then you have to rinse it with a soap. Use a cloth brush if you are not comfortable doing it with hands. And then let it dry. You can still see the lighter stain when it is wet but in most cases it disappears as soon as it is dry.

How to Clean Older, Drier or Stubborn Period Stains

For older and stubborn period stains, you can firstly try rinsing with any regular soap. If it doesn’t work then soak the underwear in surf water for some time. If it still doesn’t work then try soaking it with hydrogen peroxide. This will definitely work. Even if you leave the panty soaked for longer period of time then the period stain will definitely disappear with time.

Easy ways to Clean Your Period Stains


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How to Clean Your Period Stains – DIY

Now, this is the one you can easily do at home. Crush a few 5-10 aspirin pills and try to dilute it with water and make a runny paste. Now, put it over the period stain and this is a sure shot solution to clean stains. Alternatively, you can also try the same with some spoons of baking soda or salt.

Tips to Clean Your Period Stains

So, this were some of the tricks through which you can get rid of period stains. All of them are very easy and you can easily do it in the comfort of your home. Let me know if you like this article on How to Clean Your Period Stains. Also, if you have any more ideas then let me know in the comments down below 🙂

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