How to Clean Luxury Bag

Hello ladies! HOW YOU DOING??? The famous line from the lovable Joey of ‘FRIENDS’. Yes, I have the same question for all of you 🙂 The season is changing and I am sure many of you are indulged in some or the other interesting things. Coming back to today’s post – How to Clean Luxury Bag. Luxury bags are often made of leather and cost pretty high. And when you have invested so much money in your luxury bag, you have to make sure that it lasts long. We all know, taking care of such luxury items can be tricky. So in this post, I will tell you How to Clean Luxury Bag.

How to clean luxury bag

We all girls are aware of the fact that we are obsessed with cleaning. Yes, of course there are many boys too who love cleaning but we can find majority of girls doing that. I too share the same obsession. And one day while I was on my office desk and did not wanted to work, I was just looking at my bag and I wondered OMG its so dirty. So, the idea of cleaning my luxury bag struck in my mind. And the post here refers to the same. Below given are myself used methods and step by step description of How to Clean Luxury Bag.

My luxury bag is from the brand called ‘David Jones’. And girls I bought it from the multi-brand Lifestyle. They have really good collection of office and outwear bags and that too in a very good budget. I bought it at around Rs.2200-2500. Its a pretty tan bag which has enough space inside. It has 2 compartments with too many zips inside. I bought it last year in august. Lifestyle comes with a seasonal discount too. So, you can shop till you drop during that time.

Luxury bag cleaning

Anyways, I am in the habit of drifting away from the main topic. I use this bag on daily basis. It travels with me all round the year. And you know the daily dirt and pollution has taken a heavy toll on my bag. The cloth inside the bag is badly dirty. And outside also it has stuck on good amount of dirt. So, this week my Sunday mission was to clean it. So lets go ahead with How to Clean Luxury Bag.

How to Clean Luxury Bag

Things You Need to clean Luxury Bag

  • A bucket full of water
  • Soft tooth brush
  • soft cloth brush
  • 2 pouches of surf (50 grams)
  • A pair of cloth clips

Yes, the requirements to clean luxury bag are that simple. Nothing fancy at all.


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Steps to Clean Luxury Bag

Step 1 : Fill your bucket with the normal tap water. You can use the cold water. But some believe that warm water cleanses products much better. So, it is completely your choice.

Step 2 : Now, cut open both the pouches of surf. Pour the surf in the water full bucket. Keep a little 1-2 tablespoon of surf aside.

Step 3 : Next dip your luxury bag inside the bucket. Before dipping the it, make sure you have emptied the luxury bag. Check all the compartments twice. Let it sit there for half an hour.

How to clean your luxury bag

Easy ways to clean luxury bag

Step 4 : After half an hour take out the bag and first brush the cloth inside the compartment. Because in my case the cloth was most dirty. So, brush it. but you must brush it gently else it might torn out.

Simple tips to clean luxury bag

Tips to clean luxury bag

Step 5 : Now, take the little surf put aside and put it in the tooth brush and wet it. Rub the tooth brush on the outer portion of the luxury bag.

Once when you feel you are done, reverse the bag and hang it with the help of your cloth clips. Make sure that all the parts of your luxury bag are completely dry.

How to clean bag

So this briefly describes?How to Clean Luxury Bag. As you can see, neither you require any fancy ingredient, nor it’s too difficult. Hope you liked my post, thanks for reading 🙂

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