How to Clean Beauty Blender

Hey girls, if you are very fond of applying light makeup on daily basis then there is one thing you must do, that is cleaning and disinfecting your makeup brushes and other makeup application tools. The reason being if not cleaned properly, these makeup brushes become a host of so many bacteria. They in turn get transferred to your skin when you use those tools and lead acne and breakouts.

How to Clean Beauty Blender

Just like any other makeup application tool, the beauty blender, which is a universal makeup application tool that has revolutionized makeup industry also needs cleaning on regular basis. So take a look below to know How to Clean Beauty Blender.

Special Cleansing Solution for Beauty Blender

  • There is a special cleanser that is provided with the beauty blender for the purpose of cleansing your Beauty Blender sponge. It is called the blender cleanser. The cleanser is Lavender scented. The fresh smell is retained only while the sponge is wet and disappears once your Beauty Blender gets dry.
  • This cleanser has a special formula that is Soy based and does not harm either your Beauty Blender sponge or your skin while it manages to remove all the oil, grime and makeup product build up from your makeup sponge. This cleanser is multi purpose and can be used to clean other makeup application tools like puffs and makeup brushes.
  • If you are using the commercially available cleanser then make sure your Beauty Blender moist but not dripping wet and pour a dime sized quantity of the cleanser over it. Gently rub the surface of beauty blender to work on getting rid of the product build up on the surface of Beauty Blender.
  • Alternatively, you can drip the Beauty Blender in soapy- warm water. Side by side, keep squeezing the sponge to remove the soap suds, under running water. Keep doing this till no more suds get squeezed out. It can take quite some time. At last, dip your beauty blender in clean water containing some antiseptic liquid and then wring out all the water.
  • You can roll it in a clean tissue paper and then keep it on a clean surface to sun/air dry.

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Use other cleansers for your beauty blender

How to Clean Beauty Blender

  • The commercially available Beauty Blender cleanser comes with a hefty price tag though, so, you can try out a Do-It-Yourself cleanser for the Beauty Blender too if, you want to save some money.
  • You can also use any face wash to clean your makeup sponge. In case, you do not want to do that, you may use a mild shampoo. In case, you are using a shampoo, try getting a baby formula or mild formula.
  • Cleaning your Beauty Blender sponge is all the more important if you have an acne prone skin. Those with normal skin can clean it once a week.
  • Also, once a month, you should carry out the heat sterilization of the makeup sponge to totally stop the bacterial growth.

How to Clean Beauty Blender

Heat sterilization

For this, fill a microwave bowl with water and keep it for 30 seconds in microwave. This heat kills the germs and sterilizes your makeup sponge. Please make the sponge is moist so that the foamy material does not get spoilt.

So, now, dear girls you know all the methods to clean your beauty blender. Hope you have found my post helpful. Thanks for reading 🙂

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