How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin

Foundation is a very important part of our makeup. Just like the name says, foundation creates the ‘foundation’ or base for our makeup. It is like a blank canvas on which the rest of the makeup is applied. Foundation is a must if you want long lasting and flawless look. It masks away our blemishes, pigmentation, spots, acne marks and improves our skin tone. Some foundations even hide the wrinkles and fine lines as well to give a perfect base for makeup. However to reap the maximum benefits of foundation, you must know How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin.

How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin

Choosing the right foundation that suits Indian skin is extremely important. A perfect, flawless makeup is the result of using right products. Foundation is one such beauty product that can actually make or break our look. If you choose a wrong product, it can make you look ashy or too whitish. So How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin? Well it depends on a number of factors, like the finish you prefer, your skin type, complexion, the season, the time of the day etc. So take a look below to find out How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin.

How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin – Depending on Skin Type

How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin - Right Foundation for Indian Skin

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Oily Skin : Water based or matte based foundations are best for oily skin type. It helps to deal with the excess oil produced by skin. Powder foundations are also good for oily skin.

Dry Skin : Cream foundations are ideal for dry skin. Liquid foundations with cream base can also be applied. For extremely dry skin, compact can be avoided.

Normal Skin : Liquid foundations are best for normal skin. Liquid formulas are easy to work with. They can be oil based or water based. Water based ones give light coverage, whereas the oil based ones gives high coverage and leaves behind a hint of sheen.

Combination Skin : For combination skin, choose powder or liquid foundation that has high water content (atleast 55%).


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How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin – Depending on Skin Tone

How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin - Foundation for Indian Skin

Fair Skin : Choose a foundation that is closer to your skin tone. Go for pink beased or golden yellow foundations as they will work best for your skin tone.

Wheatish Skin Tone : Yellow based foundations or earthy shades work best for wheatish skin tone. Don’t forget to follow up with compact for a smoother appearance.

Dusky Skin Tone : Choose a shade that is closest to your skin tone. Never ever go for a lighter shade as it will make your skin look patchy.Mix some moisturizer or few drops of water with the foundation before applying on face and neck. This will make blending easier.

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How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin – Depending on Other Factors

How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin - How to Choose Your Foundation

Climate of the place you stay : If you live in colder region, choose hydrating foundation. And for hotter region people, choose long wearing formula with high SPF.

Age : If you want to hide the signs of ageing, choose an anti ageing foundation. Most of such foundations have golden shimmers in them which makes you look younger.

The time of the day : Choose your foundation according to the time of day you are wearing it. Avoid heavy, shimmery foundation for day time. Go for the ones which gives matte finish.

The occassion : Don’t go for a heavy foundation for a simple house party or a Sunday brunch as it may make you look a bit out of the place.

The finish : Choose your foundation depending on the finish you prefer. For natural look, choose cream or liquid based foundations. To conceal your blemish and pores, go for powder based foundations.

So these are some simple tips on How to Choose The Right Foundation for Indian Skin. Hope you find them helpful 🙂 Till next time..

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