How to Choose the Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type

Saree is our classic traditional Indian wear. Saree not only makes us look gorgeous, but it also adds a flavor of our culture and tradition. A good saree has to be matched with a good blouse if we want to look our best in this outfit. Saree blouses play an important role in a woman’s look. Saree blouses are available in countless designs, but it is very important to choose the one that suits our body type. A blouse that would look good on a plus size woman, can never suit someone who is skinny. What we wear, reflects our personality to a great extent. Therfore, a perfect blouse is the one which not only compliments your saree, but also your personality. In this article, I will tell you some tips on How to Choose the Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type.

How To Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type

Perfect Blouse for Top Heavy Figure

Blouse for Top-heavy figure

Most of the Indian women are blessed with great assets. It’s good, however a coin has two sides. So, at times it gets little difficult to choose the perfect blouse for top heavy figure. Don’t worry, you just have to be little choosy. Avoid embellished blouse. A blouse with heavy work on chest area is a big no-no for you, as it will add weight on your heavy top portion. Avoid deep necklines, instead go for bare back blouses. Wear monochrome blouse instead of large prints. Opt for blouses made from lightweight fabric like georgette, crepe, satin etc.

Perfect Blouse for Small Busted Figure

Blouse for Small-busted figure

It can be a blessing in disguise, when it comes to choose perfect blouse for yourself, as you don’t have to worry too much about what will suit you. Choose blouses that gives an illusion of fuller busts, like something which has heavy work in the front area. Wear well padded blouse. Prefer heavier fabrics like velvet, brocade, tussar silk etc. To cover up lean neck, wear halter neck, high neck or collar neck blouse.

Perfect Blouse for Slim Figure

Blouse for Slim figure

Well, you are truly blessed if you have slim figure because you have the perfect body and you can rock in any style. You can wear whatever you want – halter neck, corset style, noodle strap, long sleeve, bare back.. just anything 🙂


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Perfect Blouse for Broad Shouldered Figure

Blouse for Broad-shouldered figure

Ladies with sculpted broad shoulders, often find it difficult to choose the perfect blouse for themselves. However, it isn’t too difficult. Highlight your best features, like your toned arm or sexy back. Wear backless or broader neckline blouse with short sleeves to smartly cover up your wide shoulders. Avoid all kinds of straps and padded blouse as they can give an impression of broad shoulder.

Perfect Blouse for Voluptuous Figure

Blouse for Voluptuous figure

Voluptuous doesn’t mean you are fat or obese. Wear full sleeved or quarter sleeved blouses. As you are covering your arms and shoulders, so to create balance, bare your sexy back. Avoid puff sleeves and sleeveless blouses. Experiment with neck lines, for example, go for boat neck or choli type blouses. Prefer lightweight fabrics with light embroidery.

So next time, while visiting a tailor to get a stylish blouse stitched for yourself, keep these points in mind and get ready to wow everyone with your perfect saree-blouse combination 🙂

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  1. Nice article Rashmita… Thanku for wonderful information about blouses…

  2. Beautiful article Rashmita.

  3. I like backless but I am wide shoulder, slim and top heavy so very difficult for me to figure out how to wear my dream without looking odd one out!

    • I guess you should avoid anything with heavy work on chest and the strappy ones and sleeveless. Wear long sleeved or short sleeved backless. Experiment with neck lines.

  4. That’s a very thoughtful and good post…Thnx rashmita…for sharing this info

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    Can you please share some backless blouse designs too? I want to wear in my sister’s wedding.

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