How to Choose Right Lip Shade

How to Choose Right Lip Shade

Hi friends, Today i will share How to Choose Right Lip Shade. Lipstick is really more of an accessory than a makeup product. It’s also a mood evoker — if you’re feeling sultry, you can wear gloss to draw attention to your mouth, or if you’re feeling tired after a long day you can grab a bold lip color for a pick-me-up before heading out on the town. No one would want to wear the wrong lip shade, especially the ones that just divert attention from your shimmering pink lips to yellow teeth.

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Here are  some tips on how to choose the right lip shade:

1.  Pink Pale : Instead of blah nudes that make teeth look more yellow, pick brightening shimmery pinks.

2. Pink sheer: A hydrating, see through gloss with a hint of a berry (versus orange-y versions like coral) counteracts subtle yellowing. ( Pink sheer lipstick shade link )

3. Light pink: Bolder than sheer glosses, these matte rose shades have just the right blue undertone to minimize yellowish tinges on teeth. (light pink lipstick shade link )

4. Pink Bright: Whether bubble gum or fuchsia, these electric blue-based colors dramatically brighten, (Pink bright lipstick shade link)

5. Red Bright: Bold, opaque reds can make teeth appear up to two shades whiter. Apply two layers straight from the tube for a more intense effect. ( Red bright lipstick shade link )

6. Red Deep: It’s little surprise that the classic femme fatale colour creates the ultimate sexy smile. Apply with your finger for a lasting stain-like finish.(Red deep lipstick shade link)


Choosing Right Red lip shade

  1. Determine skin tone first : fair, medium, or dark.
  2. Find the right color for your skin tone
  • For fair skin: coral reds or dark reds with pink undertones.
  • For medium or olive skin: pink and cranberry shades, and brick reds.
  • For dark skin: reds with burgundy or brown tones.
       3.    Stick with true red. You can’t go wrong with this universally flattering color for all skin tones.

Hope you like it 🙂

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  1. i often get confused choosing a right lip color. gr8 post.

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