How to Choose Perfect Saree for Your Body Type

Saree is the most gorgeous traditional Indian attire, which can make any woman look elegant. The best thing about saree is that you can wear it for all occasions – for office, at home for a function, at a wedding or a party. A right saree can hide many flaws and enhance our beauty like nothing else can do. Now, you must be thinking what is ‘right saree’? See, fashion is all about dressing according to your body shape. Saree is no exception either and here I will tell you How to Choose Perfect Saree for Your Body Type. We, Indian women, can never go wrong with saree, but still it is important to know which saree would compliment our body type. Wearing a saree according to your body shape does a lot to bring out the grace. A perfect saree not only hides our flaws, but also highlights out best assets and thus make us look more beautiful. So lets start with our tips on How to Choose Perfect Saree for Your Body Type.

How to Choose Perfect Saree for Your Body Type

Perfect Saree for Pear Shaped Body

Perfect Saree for pear shaped Body Type

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Pear shaped body means heavier bottom as compared to upper portion of the body. Women with pear shaped body should choose chiffon or georgette saree as they perfectly balance the top and bottom of the body. Avoid mermaid cuts as that will bring all the attention to your lower part of the body. Go for bold and bright colored sarees and sarees with beautiful border, small prints and lovely embroidery works.

Perfect Saree for Apple Shaped Body

Perfect Saree for apple shaped Body Type

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An apple shaped body is heavy around the stomach and bust. While choosing perfect saree for apple shaped body, gp for fabrics like silk and choose saree with beautiful embroidery work. Wear long sleeve blouse to take the attention away from the waist and stomach. Avoid net sarees and always wear sarees in ‘ulta pallu’ style.

Perfect Saree for Plump Body

Perfect Saree for plump Body Type

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For plump women, lightweight sarees like georgette, crepe, chiffon do the job. Such fabrics give a slimmer look to the body. Cotton should be avoided. Wear saree with delicate embroidery and bead work. Dark colored sarees with light borders are perfect for plump women and make sure, the saree has a good fall to hide your imperfections. Long sleeve or full sleeve blouses will hide the flab.


How to Choose the Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type

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Different Style of Lehengas as per Body Shape

Different Style of Lehengas as per Body Shape

Perfect Saree for Overweight Body

Perfect Saree for overweight Body Type

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Avoid cotton and wear silk and chiffon sarees. Handloom sarees are a great option for overweight women. Pair the saree with full sleeve or long sleeve blouse to draw attention away from the flab.

Perfect Saree for Short and Slim Body

Perfect Saree for short and slim Body Type

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Avoid big prints and heavy borders and opt for sarees with thin borders as they would make you look tall. Geogette or chiffon sarees are best for short and slim women. Pair your saree with backless blouse or blouse which has different embroidery work.

Perfect Saree for Tall and Slim Body

Perfect Saree for slim and tall Body Type

Kanjeevaram or pure silk sarees are best for tall and slim body type. Also sarees with heavy borders or big bold prints also look good on such body.

Here are few tips on How to Choose Perfect Saree for Your Body Type. Next time while going for saree shopping, keep these things in mind and choose the best saree for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Also drape the saree properly and don’t forget to accessorize it. And yes, choose lighter blouse with heavy sarees and vice versa ๐Ÿ™‚

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