How to Choose Nail Paint Colour That Suits You

How to Choose Nail Paint Color

Hi friends…. one of my sweet friend share her beauty knowledge about How to Choose Nail Paint Colour That Suits You,  and today I sharing her knowledge with you guys hope you love it. Only women know that choosing nail paint as per your skin type is not an easy task. One wrong decision can turn your expensive manicure look disaster. I tell you how you can simplify this challenging task by listing a few tips.

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How to Choose Nail Paint Colour

If you see your friend wearing a soft pink nail paint that is catching your attention then it is not necessary that the same hue will look fabulous on your fingertips too. This is because each skin tone is different and goes well with colous that belong to its color family. Apart from skin tone there are a few more factors that decide the shade of your nail enamel, your look of the day, dress, season, occasion, and so on. Read tips on How to Choose Nail Paint Colour

Light to fair
People with light and fair skin tone are the luckiest. They don’t need to think much about what colour to pick. Almost every color look good on this type of the skin, pop bright to dark shades and pastel hues too. In fact, they can carry off French manicure quite well. For their professional look pink, rosy and neutral colours are advisable and sky is the limit when it comes to the casual look. But too light is complete no as it fuse in the skin.

Medium to dusky
Medium and dusky skin type is very common, just think about Deepika Padukone, Shilpa Shetty and Kajol. This group of people too can try most of the shades. They can go step ahead and experiment with nail art too. Women with medium skin tone should go for soft to bright colours, pink, fuchsia, orange, coral red, pop green, for instance. However, they should avoid dark colours that make their skin look dull and dark.

Tan to dark
This type of skin has limited options for nail paints. They have to be very careful while choosing the nail color since coral, orange and gold are colors that merge in their skin tone. They can go for warm colors accentuate their skin tone like light blue, purple, tangerine, light brown and copper.


Few More Tips on How to Choose Nail Paint Colour
• Determine the shade you want based on your preferences. Now, look into the catalogues of various brands to find out which brand offers you the best shade at the best price.
• Matching nail color to outfit might be alright for a few chosen occasions but not for everyday purpose. Go for neutral colors and nude tones so that you don’t end up changing your nail color everyday!
• Experiment with colors to suit your mood. Match your own individual style.

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